The Wii; not just for casual gamers

Who'd have thought that the hardcore's darling Nintendo, whose games were the only reason for a gamer to own a Gamecube, would less than ten years later be accused en masse of deserting their loving fans in favour of mothers and pet loving girls.

The worst appears to be over, though, as several third parties all seem to be finding their feet, whilst Nintendo promise more hardcore games soon.

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Shnazzyone4007d ago

wtf? this could have been a much longer and less pointless article. the whole thing fizzles out after Overkill. he had at least 4 more games he could have brought up... madworld is obvious and so is the conduit but how about muramasa: the demon blade and monster hunter 3 for rpg fans.

this article feels half assed

from the beach4007d ago

It's basically just a plug for Disaster.. but I'm all for that, since the game was a real overlooked gem. Buy it if you haven't! ;)

Tony P4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )


It really is. All they could think of are two games? I could google more.

I think the Wii has room to grow. When compared with the DS, I think the handheld has a much better balance of those "core" titles against the "casual". Once that balances out, the argument shouldn't be an issue. Of course everyone will always argue "gfx suck", but I know what I like it's not just pretty pictures in HD. Although I like those too.

Argento-Nox4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

They promised a hardcore game announcement at E3 2008 and what did they give us, Animal Crossing. I don't want empty promises from Nintendo, since most of the core titles I see for the Wii, like No more heroes 2, Mad World, Monster Hunters etc., seem to be coming from 3rd party companies. About the only thing I'm excited from Nintendo, is Punchout and Sin and Punishment 2, titles I intend to buy for my nieces so I can play them.