GameDaily: Tom Clancy's HAWX Review

Tom Clancy's HAWX is a fun arcade style shooter that casts you as a contracted pilot out to stop the ruthless Reykjavik Accord. As you beat missions and level up (all the way to 40), you'll unlock new jets, battle plans and maps. Planes control like a dream, both in first person with a virtual Assistance system (a handy tool for evading missiles) or soaring through the sky in a wider third-person perspective. Everything looks outstanding, particularly recognizable cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. Best of all, HAWX features multiplayer dog fighting that runs smoothly over Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

Hokey dialogue mars the otherwise stellar presentation and flight sim fans will balk at the simplistic controls. Those minor quibbles aside, HAWX is a slick first effort. Turn on your Top Gun soundtrack and head into the danger zone.

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