CM-Life Review - Killzone sequel a bizzaro 'Gears of War' clone

Eric Joyce Writes - When "Killzone" was released exclusively on the Playstation 2 in 2004, it was dubbed "The Halo Killer" because it was supposed to surpass Xbox's "Halo" in nearly every way.

Four and a half years later, the Playstation 3 exclusive "Killzone 2" could be considered "'The Gears of War' killer," because the two games are eerily similar in several ways.

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Cajun Chicken3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Wow, someone's small minded. Personally reminds me more of Time Crisis as an FPS and I love it for doing that.

40cal3999d ago

Gears of War reminds me of the first Killzone. But whatever..

sonarus3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

How is gears of war similar to killzone???????

Anyone who tries to compare the two games is an Idiot.

UnwanteDreamz3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

From the article - (In "Killzone 2," you take the role of Tomas "Sev" Sevcheniko, a member of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance in an invasion of Halghan, home of the Helghast, the villains from the game's predecessor.

Likewise, "Gears of War 2" features an underground invasion to assault the Locust Horde, former antagonists of the original "Gears of War.")

Thats just a long idiotic way of saying they are both sequels and that is where the similarities stop.

gamesmaster3999d ago

pretty sure killzone 2 was in development for much longer than gears 2, so whos the clone? this article fails

callahan093999d ago

It doesn't remind me that much of Gears of War. The multiplayer is nothing like Gears' multiplayer.

thebudgetgamer3999d ago

well theres guns and people shooting guns. theres war and shouting cursing people.


Lich1203999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

@ Sonarus

Thank you, I was just thinking that. However I hope you're not saying that because KZ2 is soooooo much better than Gears. Rather, they're completely different.

Although, did anyone else notice that in both you're a member of alpha squad? Seems a little too coincidental, I think Epic and Guerilla planned the whole thing and soon were going to find out that the locust are mutated helghast. Think about it.

Edit: Hahaha bsigel, thanks for making me look like an idiot. But you are right. Its pathetic because I play gears way too much and I still messed that up.

BSigel813999d ago

Gears of War 1, 2= Delta Squad

Killzone 2= Alpha Squad, bro

badz1493999d ago

even if it makes them look STUPID! brownish/greyish level design and you have people with guns shooting others and have multiplayer...then it's similar to Gears? What kind of stupid logic is that?

andron3999d ago

I find it hard to take reviews seriously when they spend half the time comparing it with other games...

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dylantalon3999d ago

all shooters reminds me of goldeneye 007 on n64. gran turismo 5 prologue is a bizzaro rc pro am on nintendo. back to killzone 2.

ps. the talon stands for talented

Gothdom3999d ago

you forgot Uncharted, it's a bizarro Mario, since you jump on platforms.

hac-hunter3999d ago

Shouldn't "talen" stand for "talented"....
Looks like you drive an eagle Talon to me..

Anyways... KZ2 ROCKS!!

Lich1203999d ago

Wait a minute, my name is Dylan, and Im the talented one. It is on good sir!

PS3isBUST3999d ago

It's been a blast. The gameplay is great, I really enjoyed the strategy, looking around corners, softening up the zone, and then going in for close up kills which are especially satisfying. I'm sure I'll still play this over in over in the harder modes.

I won't even talk about online play, but we all know how well that was done.

Anyway, the game feels nothing like Gears of War. and 8/10? You wish, the stupidity is obvious from the start in this review. Gears of War clone?? sure whatever.

FPShooter3999d ago

this guy talks about gears just as much as he talks about Killzone. look Killzone is Killzone not a PS3 gears ok. Killzone 2 is more than capable of standing on its own

GiantEnemyCrab3999d ago

TPS is not FPS. Yes, Killzone 2 has a train level and yes I see lots of level design choices that seem suspiciously like Gears but they are both strong games that stand on their own.

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