Game Stocks Plummet: The Real Black Friday

Think Video Games are recession proof? Think again, as video game related stocks plummet today in the face of the global recession.

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omodis4204011d ago

This is some bad news people! The stock market as a whole has fallen from around 1400 to 6600(about) in six months. The FDIC announced yesterday that they fear all the bank closures that are to come in the next few months will prevent them from being able to insure bank accounts. Scary stuff indeed.

cyguration4010d ago

didn't see that coming.

And what do you mean, Stoney, they'll be all right?

StoneySweatLeafs4010d ago

Its all part of the plan to bring in the new world order. Things will get bad. The government will keep stepping in. Just watch.

no-spin4010d ago

the proof of what you say is all over the news.
This terrible crisis will make way for government solutions that once were unacceptable and now because of fear and despair are going to be acceptable. Truth is things are bad and will get worse, how deep the global economy sinks will depend on the radical decisions that will have to be made, and not necessarily for a better future, but for a viable one.

Scary stuff, future generations will read about this crisis as we read about the Great Depression - history in the making

The_Zeitgeist4010d ago

The FDIC thing is being under reported. They don't want people to freak out, but you know what is about to hit the fan.

Wenis4010d ago

I wonder if the many other recessions that we have faced were all part of the New World Order conspiracy plan.

f7897904010d ago

You have to have the world getting crappier as we approach 2012.

IdleLeeSiuLung4010d ago

From what I can tell, other than GameStop the sharp drop in the companies are nothing but market movement as usual. Well at least in this turbulent market.

A 5% drop or gain for the day means nothing unless it is long term trend. When the Dow can loose more than 5% drop in a day, there is nothing wrong with a company dropping less.

Basically, this doesn't mean anything and if anything as a whole the gaming industry dropped less than the Dow.

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iClutch4011d ago

guess it had to happen

iClutch4011d ago

woner whose stock plummeted the worst

KionicWarlord2224010d ago

well guess ea is going down the choo choo train with square enix . there probaly looking for studios to buy, its like easy pickings for them.

kewlkat0074010d ago

If fans buy games, they stay alive, if not, they are through. I'm sure big dev studios have cash reserves.

No wonder the Wii is getting more titles..

Conan9974010d ago

companies need to be able to borrow money, without that, its hard to survive.

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The story is too old to be commented.