Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack Preview On Gametrailers

GameTrailers TV will be airing a feature on our first Downloadable Content pack, where they'll showcase the first-ever footage of the three Multiplayer maps coming in Map Pack 1 – Knee Deep, Nightfire, and Station!

Be sure to tune into your local Spike TV channel for GameTrailers TV on March 7th, at 1:00AM.

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SeanScythe4004d ago

when do we get the new zombie map?

Rich16314004d ago

It is part of this map pack which will be released sometime in March along with another patch, at least that is what it says on the official forums.

On a side note (nothing to do with you), Call of Duty: World at War is awesome regardless of what the Infinity Ward fanboys say. (PS trophies, dualshock 3 rumble, campaign co-op and competition, Nazi Zombies, better post-launch support, a free map (Makin Day). Treyarch did a hell of a lot more than Infinity Ward did. Sure it was a bit of copy and paste, but Treyarch did a fine job and I am sick of all the hating this game gets.

kwicksandz4004d ago

You forgot the best feature of COD5 - local seach for lag free gaming every game.If you lived outside the US you basically couldnt play COD4 online because it would alwasy match you to laggy US hosted games. That and zombie co-op and competitive co-op are awesome ^^

Treyarch > infinity ward

socalr64004d ago

I'm one who still plays COD3 on the 360. KAR98 killer.

Mcrmarcher4004d ago

Totally agree with you there, bubbles!

WelshGunner4004d ago

Bah who cares ive got Killzone 2 to play and it > CoD5
CoD5 got boring way too fast as it was a carbon copy of CoD4. They even copyed the cover lols.

Mindboggle4004d ago

Yh Waw online was boring, i got to level 30 before i got bored. It was a good game but it just wasnt as fresh as COD4. I did however play the story mode alot and zombie mode, so this dlc might get me back involved.

However im playing Killzone 2 at the moment and its brilliant. Brings back memories of playing COD4 too much....Something i just didnt get with COD:WAW.

goflyakite4004d ago

I sold my copy of WAW to a friend. Was nice but like you said not as fresh as COD4. I can't wait for CODMW2 though, that will most likely be insane.

But I have KZ2 now also, just beat the SP so now I can focus on the awesome MP.

maverick11914004d ago

when is this map pack being released and any prices confirmed yet i know on psn we would probably get ripped off lik the cod4 map pack good job i traded my cod4 in for cod4 GOTY edition with free map pack ive not played cod waw for a while because of kz2 but maybe this will make me play it i cant watch it when its on but should be on youtube soon