inFamous Date, Demo, and Art revealed

PlayStation.Blog writes: "We know many of you have been wondering when urban hero Cole McGrath and his electrifying arsenal of superpowers is coming to a town near you. Well, we want to share with you today that inFamous will be launching worldwide this June, and here's a first look at the front-of-box for the title:

Another question many of you have been asking is: will there be a demo? And, the answer is yes. We'll have more details on when and how the demo will be available shortly. Stay tuned for a new trailer next week as well of loads of other inFamous goodies from the Sucker Punch crew this month…"

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-EvoAnubis-4528d ago

Now we have an idea when to expect this game! Can't wait to try that demo!!!

sonarus4528d ago

Yea i'm looking forward to the demo right now. I already know i will love it but it would be nice to have confirmation.

June is also during the summer when i have break from school and can sit down and deal with some of these video games:D

UnwanteDreamz4528d ago

Yep need to play the demo. I like the look just need to know how it feels.

Montreafart4528d ago

This and Yakuza 3 show how sandbox games are done on true next gen hardware.

solideagle14528d ago

Sony is on a roll this time. everyone asking for price cut and SONY shut their mouths with AAA game. but please SONY do the price cut so some people like me can afford it. :P

meepmoopmeep4528d ago

yeah, can't wait to try the demo.

June, not too bad i guess.

eagle214528d ago

Thanks PS blog! June is perfect.

jrsenkbe4528d ago

Please dont list the Yakuza series as sandbox games, its not. The Yakuza games are more action RPG's/beat-um up games. Sandbox games mean a completely open world. Thats why the Yakuza series to so much better than the GTA series, because they do the game right, its more realisic.

sonarus4528d ago

Wasn't there a rumor for multiplayer. They haven't confirmed or denied it yet... the game is almost out its about time we knew

meepmoopmeep4528d ago

i think there was a rumor about MP
i doubt the game will see it though

doesn't matter to me though, it looks awesome already

badz1494528d ago

I can't wait! What I really hope is for it to have a very good story!

legendkilla4528d ago

i can't wait for the demo and game!!! it's going to rock! day one for me

Naucious4527d ago

but i guess its good that they threw us a bone to chew at for a while. I wonder when the demo is coming out hopefully before the game is release, I dont think its wise for them to release it head to head with prototype at least sell it earlier but I dont know thats business i guess. GTA4 wasnt a big hit for me so they need to show me something outstanding in order for me to get it maybe the demo will tell it all who knows....

NickIni4527d ago

I can't wait for this game. It's been number one on my anticipation list since I saw it :)

Fingers crossed for an early June release date - then I can get it for my birthday on the 6th :D

y0haN4527d ago

Sweet, and that is a nice cover!

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PS3isBUST4528d ago

But it looks pretty good. I'm a big fan of boxart.

Simon_Brezhnev4528d ago

idk that box art looks real good 2 me makes him look real hardcore

KillaManiac4528d ago

Ya...I think the box art makes him look total badass.

Good going sucker punch!

joydestroy4528d ago

yeah dude, i'm loving the box art! i think it looks pretty slick.

sonarus4528d ago

Stuff like box art preference is objective... personally i thought the box art could be better...Not to say its bad but i just felt it could be better.

goflyakite4527d ago

Yea it could be a little better, I don't know what I'd do with it but this one is pretty sweet. I like it.

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Cajun Chicken4528d ago

June in US. Well, thats just great, seeing I'll be out of uni shoved into the cruel big wide world during the recession, so I don't like counting down the time for this one add onto the fact EU releases aren't usually the same time with the exception of Killzone 2.
That is also some damn nice front cover. Also suprised by demo, didn't think that was possible. I'm hoping theres some sort of mini comic book in the works, or the instruction book could be an actual comic book, which would be awesome.

So when's Prototype out then? These aren't going head to head, are they?

Panipal20054528d ago

Yes. Yes, they are. InFamous comes out June. Prototype comes out June.

Time will tell if this is typical Sony stupidity.

Still, at least there's no summer game drought!

Panipal20054528d ago

Prototype bound for late June so I suppose InFamous will have to come out EARLY June, won't it Sony?

TreborRversed4528d ago

I heard they were both out at the end of May, who knows, but 1 thing I'm sure of, I will always take a Sony exclusive over an EA mutiplat.