Playfire and SCEE: Official PSN Portable IDs announced

Playfire: We're excited to announce to you, members, something we've all been waiting for... Our good friends at Sony have allowed us to reveal the design for the upcoming official Sony PSN Portable ID! Scheduled to hit very soon, we're all excited at Playfire, and cannot wait to try it out! The ID will be from and it'll update automatically based on the Portal.

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whoelse4011d ago

These are SCEE IDs not Playfire. Playfire just got the rights to reveal the appearance of them.

DeforMAKulizer4011d ago

Finally!!! =D
Been waiting for this! Glad to see it done with the best! =D
Playfire are truly great!
BTW, for those of you who don't know, you can sign in in the eu PS website with accounts from other countries (outside eu)... So it will work with all accounts! =D

XGRaViSmOrSX4011d ago

now if only the US can get a proper portable game tag.

the current PSN tag just has your name and pic + random info you dont care about. i want it to show my trophies and current games.

Nineball21124011d ago

Ummm, this will work for US residents. I'm using the playfire tag on a couple of websites.

Ghoul4011d ago

jup and since some days playfire can automaticly generate your psn card :)

XGRaViSmOrSX4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

what i mean is that sony should have an official gamertag like the 360 does.

which it doesnt. well it does but it shows no info besides your name and about me.

xplosneer4011d ago

umm, this is Sony's tag that Playfire is revealing, not hosting themselves I think. You could just get your account linked to the EU page too, however.

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Bren864011d ago

The "faverite game" bit needs to go, change it to currently playing because thats all what people will assume it means and will use it for anyways.

Arsenal4Ever4011d ago

Wow, that's excellent. It's even looking better than the 360 achievements ID's.

Mindboggle4011d ago

Yh i dont think anyone can argue with that....

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The story is too old to be commented.