Wanted: Weapons of Fate Shines on PS3… Literally

While PlayStation 3's first party titles generally seem to be technically excellent, we've lost count of the amount of multi-format games that offer tangibly superior performance on Xbox 360. However, the new Wanted: Weapons of Fate demo appears to be the exception that proves the rule - based on our analysis of the newly released demo code, it's superior on PS3 in almost every regard. Let's not get carried away though - this game is no technical masterpiece on either system, rendering at 1120×640 on both platforms. However, of the two releases, only the PS3 game is v-locked, with the 360 code exhibiting a great deal of off-putting screen tear.

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Major_Tom4011d ago

I don't think this matters much, graphics have become a back pedal, especially with Killzone 2. People know which console is more powerful for the most part.

Cajun Chicken4011d ago

Well, TBH Uncharted proved that to me in 2007, Killzone 2 just re stregthened that for me this year.

Chris3994010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

There were frame-rate issues in BOTH demos (during the opening cinematic), and overall the game looked like crap. It's hard to tell which one had the edge, as they were each rather terrible. I like the way that the PS3 renders lighting effects better (softer and more diffused), so if I had to choose between turds, I'd go with the PS3 version.

Funny that Cajun should mention Uncharted, as I went back and watched the 'Massive Attack' trailer afterward, just so that I remind myself of how good third person adventure games should look.

That game is a year and a half old already. There's no excuse for modern software (Wanted) to look as poor as it does. The opening cutscene, where the man in the car appears to have a head full of noodles and moves like a marionette is an abomination. The gameplay seemed stale as Hell too.

Exclusives > multiplat. I'll be passing on this one. Thank God for demos.

THC CELL4010d ago

lol uncharted 2 n god of war yet to come
and i still dont think that will be the best of ps3

uncharted beat most games on counter part consoles agreed
shame it was under rated

killzone is the best so far

i would love to see what there going to do with killzone 3
and R3

y0haN4010d ago

The gunplay was crap, the cover system worked half the time, your guy got in your way most of the time you wanted to shoot, and it was incredibly easy. No thanks.

pwnsause4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Uncharted set a standard for first person adventure games in graphics and story telling. it amazes me how its graphics still outdo other games like Gears of war 2.

BTW this wanted game is a piece of crap. its cover system is not comparable to the cover system that Gears has. i felt like vomiting. at turd is a turd.

LostDjinn4010d ago

Uncharted is 3rd person.
I get your meaning though.

pwnsause4010d ago

sorry, I just woke up early lol.

DARKKNIGHT4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Specwise, the ps3 was always more powerful.

its the microsoft boys that would never accept it. uncharted owned everygame the 360 ever put out, but due to its sales AND it being a ps3 exclusive noone took it seriously.

killzone2 further distances itself from 360 capabilities, and now has the sales to silence ALL FANBOYS.

Now ALL of their moot points can be flushed down the drain. the 360 is a hybrid pc with old hardware, nothing new. the ps3 has its own architecture and development process which produces better end results. both video and audio generated in the ps3 technically surpasses what the 360 can produce

Ausbo4010d ago

that the ps3 and the 360 are closer than people think. If you remember the guy who designed the graphics cards for both systems he tells you that they are pretty much equal. However the dvd limitation is holding back many games from being as high quality as killzone 2. Can the 360 do it? Maybe on 4 discs but i think the hardware isn't the problem but the storage

uie4rhig4010d ago

it's cool game, but not for me lol i thought it would have been better than this.. i was a little bit hyped didn't really like it!!

Sarcasm4009d ago

Yes, the PS3 has the shinier piece of turd.


It really doesn't matter, 360 or PS3 folks should save their money and buy something else.

And if anybody wants to complain about "input lag" or "delayed aiming" of Killzone 2 needs to play the demo of this game.

Sarcasm4009d ago

"i think that the ps3 and the 360 are closer than people think."

They are different, but they aren't insanely far apart.

But the results of the games speak for them self.

Wipeout HD, GT5P, Killzone 2, God of War III blah blah blah etc. etc. etc.

Nothing on the 360 comes close to the resolution and technical magic of Wipeout HD. Nothing. Not one game.

ThatOneGuyThere4009d ago

"If you remember the guy who designed the graphics cards for both systems he tells you that they are pretty much equal."

so this guy worked at ati AND nvidia? this guy really gets around and moves jobs fast... if he did in fact work on both he of all people should know how weak the x1600 is in comparison to the 7800.

actas1234009d ago

Yeh, Uncharted is the best looking game so far. It looks much better than KZ2. idk, I think KZ2 graphics are not that great, but the lightening and the animations of the screen are great.


nice, but U FAIL.

do yourself a favor and try killzone 2. the 360 cannot accomplish that otherwise it would have in its longer presence on the market.

question: Does the 360 run [email protected] without having a fear of burning the system out?
Why did the 360 never get its own [email protected]? i mean, it tries to copy everything else....perhaps the 360 did not benchmark as well as the ps3.
Ms wouldnt wanna make that blatantly obvious;)

madpuppy4009d ago

what the designer of the main Processor core for both the the Cell and the Xenon said was that the risc core processors in the 360 and the PS3 were about the same, he did not comment on the CELL processors SPEs because he did not work on that aspect of the CELL processors design. so the Cell and the Xenon are about the same if you don't take the SPE's into account on the CELL.

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The Peoples ARMPIT4010d ago

Hahaha bu bu but teh 360 has better multiplehform games lol. This goes to show that multiplat games are only as good as the devs that make them. When we talk about games, Sony's exclusives wipe the floor with the rest of the low life consoles.

When was the last time you heard a 360 game being compared to a very ambitiously and technically superior PC game? The only thing the 360 compares to the PC is it's easy PIRACY!!!.

Suck it up bots, your multiplat arguments are worth less than a animals turd when compared to the ps3. It is very sad considering Uncharted 1 destroys all the 360 lifetime games to date lol.

Montreafart4010d ago

And any fanboy who keeps saying how its not, is really heading for a collision with REALITY, 350 miles per hour.

I kid you not. Any xbot who thinks the 360 can run KZs technicalities, is truly DELUSIONAL.

KZ2 is so far ahead, not even Crysis can touch it. KZ2 has everything. From the bullet hit response system specifically developed for KZ2, to the 200 sources of dynamic lights providing for the most advanced lighting system around to the real time ray tracing. KZ2 is truly the TOTAL PACKAGE.

If you compare it with Gears 2, only then will you see how far ahead KZ2 is. Gears uses unreal engine with 2D fire animation, 2 sprite explosive animations etc. Everything is fake and made to believe that you are looking at real time explosive device or real time lighting. But none of it, is real.

The eye is easily tricked. But to the trained eye, if you were told where to look, you would know gears is nowhere NEAR KZ2.

Any bot that says 360 can run something similar like KZ2 is delirious. Its technically IMPOSSIBLE. 1 level in KZ2 alone, is 5GIGS. So much data is being processed that the 360 would overheat trying to run KZ2 for 20 seconds.

xbots are delusional. They wont see anything NEAR KZ2 for the next 5 years on their console.

Montrealien4010d ago

so much talking, so little gaming.

Being confined to one console an an allowance must be a pain.

Montreafart4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )


Whats that? You say something?
Jeez, how about you stop talking because it stinks.

How does it feel to know you bought a 360. The poorest decision you ever made in your gaming life, no matter how you try to twist it.

You are confronted with a 33% failure rate.
A 50% disc scratching rate
Multi platform games that I can get on the PS3.
More multi platform games I can get for my PC
And you wasted 400 bucks on a obsolete console.
It cant even do half the things the PS3 can.

Thats 400 bucks, not counting hidden costs like extra controllers, HDDVD players, XBOX LIVE, extra harddrive etc, down the drain, puta. No matter how you try to twist reality around, you burned 400 bucks at the very least.

Because the reality and bottom line is this: if it cant do anything the PS3 cant do, its essentially deadweight and wasted cash.


So it doesnt matter how you spin it around (trying to comfort yourself for making a stupid, stupid decision), fact is, its deadweight and obsolete. Therefore, economically speaking, it was a stupid decision.

Its like getting the HDDVD player because it was offered to your with a discount. You bought it and youre walking home happy and thinking you got yourself a deal. But the reality is that since its useless and you cant do anything with it other than watch Planet Earth discs and since its being discontinued, you essentially flushed money down the drain.

And it doesnt matter how happy you feel about your purchase because its still a stupid decision, puta.


Montrealien4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

I challenged my twin to a 1 on 1 deathmatch in killzone 2. He doesnt even have it...

100% failure rate right there.

edit: aww, all he has is a dissagree. That's when you know you owned him.

btw, I have planet earth on Blue Ray, you don't, I have mostly all the great games on all current gen consoles, you don't. I have both a HD-DVD player and a PS3 with many movies for both, you don't, I love videogames, you don't. When are you going to learn? you aint got sh*t, never have, never will.

Montreafart4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

No matter how you try to twist reality around, a 360 purchase is the dumbest decision anyone can make.

You made a stupid decision. Youre the retard, not I.

Yes, I dont got nothing. At least I didnt buy a 360! But you did! Hahaha

EDIT: I have KZ2, fool. Youre point is moot. I own you.

EDIT 2: Youre not a gamer, puta. Youre a fool who purchased a 360 which will dust away the coming 5 years anyway. How does that make you feel to know that the 500 bucks you flushed down the drain, could have been used for something else. Haha.

Montrealien4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

and I got Killzone 2, and you don' sad is that?

People on N4G already know you are the worst kinda of fantard there is, I'm just here to remind you. How many accounts now? You are, and never will be a gamer, just a scrub ass troll. Trolling you is a good time waster, I'll spot your next account once you burn this one out, I always do.

edit: fine, you got Killzone 2, but you don't got the balls to come out of your anonymous fantart ways and accept my chalenge. You don't got the balls to come out of your hidding, because, once again, you are a scrub ass punk that loves the power you get by being an anonymous fantart.

lol, and you finally blocked me. That was a record I think. you're such a scrub.

AngryTypingGuy4009d ago

If a game is exclusive to the 360 and Windows, that means you still have to play it on a Microsoft platform. Yes, Gears and Halo are available on the PC, but they are games that you CAN'T PLAY ON THE PS3 OR WII! That means they are console exclusive to the 360! I'm amazed that people still use that argument. If you like to alternate between console and computer, than great, but many gamers are strictly console. I don't even take into account what is on the PC because I'd rather sit in front of my HDTV on my couch, rather than in front of a monitor.

I bought a 360 and I'm proud of it! I've been enjoying next gen way before the PS3 even came out. I get to enjoy kick a$$ exclusives and the better version of 95% of multiplatform games, often with DLC. I can't get enough of Fallout 3, so I'm glad there's so much DLC offered. And on top of that, I don't have to deal with all of those annoying jaggies.

TreborRversed4009d ago

Does it matter

Is anyone really gonna buy this heap of $h1t

We all know its gonna suck so let just leave it in the bargin bin lol

TheNocturnus4009d ago

ps3 finally gets a better multiplat!! Too bad its a lame @ss looking game, good for you ps3 owners, Im sure this game will sell 10's of copies. I'll be enjoying every other better looking multiplat on my 360!( yeah yeah Killzone 2 blah blah)

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Hallucinate4010d ago

i liked the demo and how it called me a pwssy :/

BGDad4010d ago

360 is maxed that has already been proven. Gears will always be the best that console has. Not to mention wtf is with every game having patches? Ps3 is hard to dev for so thats understandable but 360 is easy so whats wrong with the developers?

gambare4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

that they want to code for the PS3 with the same parameters for the PS3, for someone who don't know how to code is better to say this:

I want to make a basket with leather fibers, and I know that I have to make first the skeleton to cover it with the fiber, that would be the 360, the PS3 could be, I will make the same type of basket but with glass, the result should be even more beautiful, but I break the glass in the process because I want to make the basket with the same process, and the result is something "uglier" because it's a different and harder to handle material, the problem is, I want to make the same final product, but one was suppose to be even more beautiful but it doesn't even if the material is suppose to be superior and I blame the material. The material is not the problem, the problem is the artisan who wants to make the basket with a esthetically superior material but with the same process for another kind of material, he needs to make a whole different process for that material even with different tools to make the same basket with a very beautiful result.

the process could seem more complex but the problem is that they don't want to make new tools for that process and learn how to attack the code.

Baba19064010d ago

i did not enjoy the demo at all. i didnt try it long but after 5 minutes i was like: gosh how boring.

UltimateIdiot9114010d ago

I stopped after 1 minute into the demo. My roommate was shock to see me stop playing the demo so quick as I spend usually at least 20 minutes or more on most demo to better judge the game. It was terrible, especially the graphics, it's like they didn't even try. Watchmen on the other hand was a better demo but not enough to justify a $20 price tag.