Preview-Stargate World: New MMORPG in Development "PVP will be intense"

A new interview Kevin Balentine and Joe Ybarra from Cheyenne Mountain talks about the upcoming MMORPG.

"Let us start off with character design. Players will have the ability to choose between two sides or factions. Cheyenne refers to them as the light and dark sides, but more closely tied to the television show they are the good and evil factions of the universe. On the side of light you can play humans, Asgard, and the free Jaffa. On the dark side you can play humans who have gone bad, Goa'uld, or the Jaffa who have remained loyal to their overlords. There are many class archetypes in the game that are defined by the races. Human players have the options of the classic Stargate team. Soldier, commando, scientist, and archeologist are all there as playable opportunities. The other races are more defined by the skill trees that represent their growth. The Asgard are defined as the scientists were the Jaffa are the melee fighters. Speaking of melee lets talk about combat."

"Joe was very quick to bring up three key points in the development of the game that they are really trying to stick with. Those are modern combat, exploration, and re-playability. Joe's hope for combat is dynamic. There will be weapons going off everywhere, players will have the option to duck and hide for cover. There is everything in the game from rifles, staff weapons, hand grenades, even the Asgardian weapons. The team is working on balancing combat as best as possible. At the same time they want the in your face fighting experience. The game is not a first person shooter though. It will however be combat heavy and the four man teams (think SG-1 squads) will have to work together on the battle fields to fight it out against NPCs as well as the dark faction of players. Yes folks, the PvP will be intense. "

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This just gets better and better each time i read something new ... number 1 on my "got to have" list .

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Agree Keep up the info about this game/./ Good job.