appVersity Review: Sky Force Reloaded

appVersity writes: "The game itself is fairly glitch free, though there was one minor bug I found with the music. If you set the iPhone down between levels and let it lock, on unlocking the sound will be disabled until you bring up the exit game menu. Not a big deal, but if you play in bursts like I do, it can crop up multiple times in a session. A quick search of the developer's site did not show any others reporting the error, though, so it may just be a faulty installation on my version.

Overall, the game is a treat to play. Each of the stages is just long enough for a quick pick up and run and the music blends into the background without being either too bland or too distracting. There's no one thing I can point to that says buy this game today, but taken all together it's a solid offering in a crowded genre."

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