Recession Versus Sony

Loot Ninja writes:

"In case you didn't know, the world is in the economic equivalent of a monkey shit fight in a sewer after Steve takes a dump. That's not a good position to be in, trust me on that. In my humble opinion, this is exactly where Sony is residing, in that sewer. I know this is a bold, dangerous statement that will bring the fanboys and hate out of the woodwork and all over Loot-Ninja. I simply ask you bear with me on this and read on before all sorts of crap starts flying."

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DelbertGrady4011d ago

"In case you didn't know, the world is in the economic equivalent of a monkey sh!t fight in a sewer after Steve takes a dump."

Lol! What a way to start of an article! Made me laugh.

neogeo4011d ago

Sony was one of the most wasteful company's in history before the recession. If you understand Japan culture they don't just lay people off.

Before the hard times Sony was spending tons of money on BETA MAX, Disk mans and a ton of other outdated stuff because of poor management and fear of laying people off. Now its TRIM THE FAT TIME! Sony got a white guy to hand out pink slips like candy. They are shutting down crap departments. Getting the Sony brand back on track. So when things get better they will be a little more like MS. Yes MS. I hate MS but they manage there company well by not wasting money if they dont need to, very unlike sony. So like I said, when its over Sony will be stronger then ever before.

End rant.

iiprotocolii4011d ago

Might seem like that to us, but, realistically, it's called ingenuity. Yes Sony has made failed products like BetaMax and Diskmans, but let's look at the stuff they DID bring to the forefront: the camcorder, Compact Disc (CD - with Panasonic), the Personal stereo system in 1982, videocassette recorder in 1969 and, of course, Blu-ray. Let's not forget that they are one of the first companies to implement OLED technolgy into their consumer products.

I wouldn't consider it poor management. It's more like poor marketing. Understanding Japanese culture isn't relevant in a global crisis that's affecting everything from coast to coast. If a company is unable to sustain a well-balanced fiscal quarter for a while, they HAVE to make the job cuts. Japan or not. Microsoft even did it and they're one of the wealthiest companies in the world. Keeping jobs and losing money is not in the agenda of even the most moral company. It's just the way the world works.

And by the way, Sony will never be like MS. I hate saying it but, Sony is known for innovating. Microsoft, on the other hand, well, they're not known for that.

greyishfox4011d ago

I think if you re-read the last paragraph of the article you may realize you are on the same page. Two key factors are going to see Sony through this.
1. Commitment to their Product - The PS3 10 year plan. A level of commitment that most likely comes from the Japanese culture.
2. Sony's re-org will put the correct working pieces of the company together and focus on their winning product. A reaction to the present economic conditions.

Cajun Chicken4011d ago

Yeah, they'll be stronger, that's for sure.

Socomer 19794011d ago

you better ask your mom to work the graveyard shift and use more lip gloss to get your punk a$$ a PS3.

fiercescuba4011d ago

The have not been advertising much at all. I have barely seen anything KZ2 related. With a game that good, they should sing their praises and get the word out to everyone.

greyishfox4011d ago

They haven't done much in the way of ad campaigns in the UK either. Some good LittleBigPlanet adverts, but that's it. Nothing when MGS came out, nothings for Killzone 2. I think I saw a poster for Bioshock when it came to the PS3. But I think gamers already know of the PS3, its getting non-gamers used to the idea of the PS3

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