Wii Fad, or Genius Way to Bring in New Gamers?

"If Wii newbies migrate to those games, we can start talking about Nintendo changing the entire culture of entertainment."

"Could the Wii be a short-lived fad? Not likely, but impossible to rule out. Could its converts - people with almost no previous gaming interest - turn out to be a relatively small pool of consumers? Sure."

"The "mom" factor shows signs of emerging as a Wii theme. Before the console launched, there was considerable speculation about whether the Wii could draw in meaningful numbers of new women players. But consider this tale from the blogs:

"I also brought my Wii console home for Christmas, and my mother, who I have never seen try any game except for 'Tetris' in her life, after seeing what my brothers and I were doing, asked to play some 'Wii Sports' tennis! It was definitely a moment to get out the camera and take a picture!"

"I thought she would enjoy it and then let others play. No! She proceeded to play game after game for over an hour! I have been completely amazed at how the Wii brought that out of her (finally!) and how she can now appreciate my love for gaming."

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ChickeyCantor4239d ago

i do believe that nintendo can make this new market big and let it shift intoo the whole gaming scene!

that also includes that this market would be interested in the other consoles too.
more gamers, the better :D

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4239d ago

Gimmick/ Rip-Off would be a better way to describe it!

kmis874238d ago

I wish they would start releasing new games for it. Mine is starting to collect dust, and I regularly play ps3 more than the wii, which is kind of a troubling sign for it I guess.

PS360WII4237d ago

That the Wii is a Genius Way to Bring in New Gamers and will continue to make most of you on this site eat your hat. The games on it can only get better like the other two and yet has more potential to cross the gap of new genres and the ability to please a mass amount of people that are hardcore into gaming and those who want to just pick up a play for a few mins a week. Hardly a gimick, 1080p is a gimick.