Violence killing video game joy, says guru

From the Australian:

SAN FRANCISCO: Shigeru Miyamoto is considered the Steven Spielberg of video gaming.
So when he told the industry yesterday that video game violence was destroying its reputation and taking the joy out of gaming, the chances are that those who matter are going to sit up and listen.

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FeralPhoenix4631d ago

Mario is violent, Zelda is violent....they both kill monsters/creatures etc. so violence is in almost every game or movie, it just depends on the level at which the developer wants to go to demonstrate that violence with the end result of making a great videogame. I respect Mr. Miyamoto but just because he has a particular vision of what videogames should be doesn't mean that's the "best way" to create videogames....sorry but I'd rather play Halo, Mass Effect, Gears, God of War etc. than Paper Mario....everything has an entertainment value which depends on the end consumer, I'm a Gamer and unfortunately most of Nintendo's games don't appeal to me, fortunately for Nintendo there seems to be plenty of gamers who it does appeal to.

Skizelli4630d ago

Unfortunately, violence is a part of life. To deny that is foolish. Although a lot of it is senseless, I'd personally rather commit violent acts in a videogame than in real life knowing no harm will come to me or anyone else. And to blame videogames for violent behavior is just silly. Most of us can actually distinguish real life with virtual reality. And for those who can't, well, something is very wrong there, and it's not videogames.