Resident Evil 5 - Xbox 360 vs. PS3 comparison screenshots

A huge gallery with lots of comparison screenshots between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 version of Resident Evil 5 has been put up on Can you tell the difference?

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Kamikaze1354000d ago

At least in Japan so far =P

hippo243999d ago

Not to be bothersome but aren't there more ps3's in Japan?
So wouldn't proportionally there be more games sold for it, then its competitor?

Just throwing that out there

360 man3999d ago

goodness sake

wat is it with that ridiculous blur all over the ps3 version

cereal_killa3999d ago

360man can you see little pink fairy's and sock goblins with those fanboy goggles you wear as well.

pumpkinpunker3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Yeah, the lighting is also worse quality in the PS3 with less subtlety. The textures on the monster thingy are worse on the PS3 version. Also, notice how the two characters look like they're standing in front of a blue-screen or something in the PS3 version of the last picture on the first page.

All in all, the PS3 version looks like it's missing one last stage of polish compared to the 360 version. It appears some shaders and post processing effects are non-existent in the PS3 version to keep it running at a stable framerate.

360 version is hands down better looking- on this game it's not even a question.

360 man3999d ago

ign confirmed that during game play ps3 struggles with the frame rate whilst the 360 is consistant through out

Ghoul3999d ago

goodness sake

wat is it with that ridiculous fanboyism all over n4g

myothercar3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Both versions look nearly identical. The only difference I see is in the intensity of the lighting- sometimes it looks more vibrant and intense on the PS3, and sometimes it's in favor of the 360. It doesn't seem to be technical limitations, but rather differences in artistic intent between the two platforms' lighting artists or whoever.

All this "360 version looks undeniably better" is just xbots getting caught with their pants down because they think they can say it about every multiplatform comparison.

P.S. @ 360 Man (nice name, hides your bias) that "ridiculous" blur in the PS3 version looks to be motion blur, a post-processing effect that takes more horsepower to render.

Ghoul3999d ago

that "blur" is motionblur wich we allready saw in some multiplats to be only on the ps3 version because of the lacking horsepower of the 360 on that kinda postproscess effekt.

i wouldnt be suprised if re5 has a ps3 optimised motionblur too.

Blaze9293999d ago

why all you all disagreeing with comment 1.5 by 360 man? Thats the truth, IGN already confirmed that the 360 version is the superior version the the one they recommend.


360 MAN 23999d ago

actually hor ur information blur doesnt require much hard ware power

it is mostly used to hide jaggies

now multi sampling anti aliasing on the other hand requires more hardware power and keeps the game crisp and good to look at

pumpkinpunker3999d ago

good call on the IGN comparison. you can tell the analyst is kind of a sony fanboy (he prefers dual analog for FPS shooters?!?) and it pains him to recommend the the 360 version.

Graphics Whore3999d ago

The exact comment is "the framerate dips for the trained eye"

Lol what? How about a benchmark test?

Anyway, the Xbox 360 version has some nasty screen tearing.

The game look exactly the same, no matter how stupid you are.

HighDefinition3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

The people who are able to notice a missing pixel in a game are the same people who can`t see a difference between DVD and BluRay.

Think about it.

Ghoul3999d ago

"1.13 - Food 4 Thought......
The people who are able to notice a missing pixel in a game are the same people who can`t see a difference between DVD and BluRay.

Think about it. "

+bubble hi def very nicely said

Mindboggle3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

WTF is this trash ! There is hardly any difference at all except in the lighting image. Both versions are visually identical and only fanboys would care about this crappy comparison.

Just buy the game for whatever system you have, and be happy. Noones going to go out and buy the other console due to small differences such as a supposed low res texture. Its pathetic and all you people fussing about this are even more pathetic.

eagle213999d ago

Gamespot said halo wars looks "unfinished and bland" 6.5.

SO4 looks like crap compared with the bullshots that got released.

MGS4 and LBP stole all the graphics awards from AIAS and Spike. Gears and fable won zero, cause 360 releases bullshots and the games look worse.

PS3 has better graphics, we know it. :)

Blaze9293999d ago

the people on this website are ridiculous

Aquanox3999d ago

IGN HEad to Head:

"Still, there are some small differences worth noting. The PS3 presents more brightly, and this helps to bring out more visual detail in dark areas. In comparison, the blacks in the 360 version tend to wash out some of the finer details. In brightly lit areas, however, the PS3's brightness adds a slight haziness to the image that makes brighter colors look a touch washed out. The PS3 takes a hit in the framerate department, with noticeable dips into the low 20's in some especially hectic scenes. It's also worth noting the PS3 version appears slightly more aliased than the 360 version. You won't see this without looking closely because environments generally have so much polygonal detail that straight lines never stand out. Still, you'll notice a slight jagginess on gun models and some simpler environmental objects in the PS3 version.

The PS3 version requires a hefty 4.8GB installation that took me upwards of fifteen minutes. Once the game is running, the PS3 version loaded into levels just a second or two more quickly than the 360. The PS3 will have you loaded in from the level select menu in 10-11 seconds while this takes 12-13 seconds on the 360. It's a small difference and shouldn't be an issue either way. "

Winner (Overall, page 4)
Xbox 360

TheBand1t3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Which version looks better? Couldn't say. Though from what I've read both have pros and cons. That you couldn't notice without putting them under extreme scrutiny while the menu is paused, but then, you're not playing that 60 buck game for enjoyment anymore, are ya?

Armyless3999d ago

Best Post of the Thread

SiLeNt KNighT3999d ago

i dont understand how ign can claim some small improvements when it comes to the 360's 2 extra polygons but downplays small improvements to load times and contrast on the ps3?

ill never know for myself because ive never been into the RE series very much and after playing the RE5 demo i will not be picking up this game. i understand you cant compare different genres but to me i would rather spend my time playing Kz2 because its superior to RE in every way. not the same type of game, just my preference which really is all that matters to me.

CobraKai3999d ago

When playing the demo, I really can't tell the difference in lighting, textures, frame rate, etc. But the one thing I do notice, which doesn't require stills and a microscope, is that the 360 has screen tear and the PS3, at least in the demo, does not.

Timesplitter143999d ago

They all look better on PS3 except for that cutscene shot where you see Chris's pistol up close.

likedamaster3999d ago

They look almost identical. I'm sure the framerate drops on the PS3 version shouldn't be gamebreaking, besides it's only when it gets "hectic". Any have a PS3 only or 360 only should still drop dollars on this title.

gaffyh3999d ago

Very minor difference, you can only tell by using a side by side comparison. Personally the PS3 version looks like it has better lighting (i.e. more realistic), but is slightly blurry in some of the pics (I'm guessing that's cos they took the screenshot during motion). 360 verion looks just as good, but the whole screen looks slightly over-brightened.

But either way, whatever version you play, it looks just as good on either to be honest.

facepalm3999d ago


kwicksandz3999d ago

From the comparisons, the gfx are basically the same. But no one can argue that a locked Framerate is worse than one that dips into the low 20s on occasion. Seems like 360 is the way to go for multi console owners.

ikaris3999d ago

Stop being fanboys guys.
The 360 version looks better because its easier to code for, and the PS3 Suffers in multiplatform games because parallel coding is more difficult to do.
This just shows you how capcom has abandoned the PS3 or they just aren't good enough coders for it, or they just didn't put enough time into it.

It looks worse for reasons, but the 360 being a better system is not one of those reasons.

Multiplatform games means the ps3 version is going to be worse (usually, not always)

ActionBastard3999d ago

Time and time again, I see the comparison videos or read how awful the framerate is for the PS3 version of "game-x", yet once played, it isn't even an issue. Orange Box is a perfect example, imo. "Oh the framerate is a slideshow!"...then you play it...and it's not. Bandwagoners and gaming posers will try to convince you otherwise. Many, many people will buy the PS3 version and not think about how it plays on the 360. Which will be exactly the same.

Also, enough with the message board game programming gurus. The difference are so noticeable, Capcom had both version of RE5 side by side at CES. You see what you want to see.

Spydiggity3999d ago

i was going to say, who cares, both will look good (and that's still true). but then i got to the image of him holding the key. look at this face in that picture. in the ps3 version his little blue tooth thing and his piece of hair that are hanging down don't cast a shadow. they do on 360. not a big deal, both versions have some of the best graphics on console this generation. but look at the picture. this can't be disputed (though i'm sure i'll still get a ton of disagrees).

Sephiroushin3998d ago

to pumpkinpunker 1.4
are u crazy or blind XBOX360 cant handle The Last Remnant it lagg like it have 15 frame per second and now he cant handle Star Ocean
XBOX 360 = Red Ring Of Death
PS3 = like 4 ever
Wii = same as ps3 (dont like it) but system is very good but need more graphics xd

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UnwanteDreamz4000d ago

If it were only that easy. I have enjoyed tons "inferior" multiplats so far on my PS3. Go figure....

commodore644000d ago

@ ^^^

Funnily enough, I have enjoyed the "superior" 360 multiplats just as much, if not more.


pumpkinpunker3999d ago

wonder why Capcom skimped on the PS3 version.

Sarcasm3999d ago

I've enjoyed the "SUPERIOR" PS3 exclusives. Fancy that.

Armyless3999d ago

for making me laugh. G1

commodore643999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

I have enjoyed the superior 360 exclusives as much as, if not more than you have enjoyed the superior ps3 exclusives.

Fancy that.
This is too easy.

Anyway, let's stick to the topic, which was a RE5 comparison between ps3 and 360.

This nice article sums it up for all of us:

looks like yet another superior 360 multiplat!

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Xbots4000d ago

Interesting indeed, the ps3 version got much better color contrast & shadow effect...

N4PS3G4000d ago

360 versions looks better...hands down

Major_Tom3999d ago

I'm surprised your still around N4PS3G you say alot of controversial that almost everyone disagrees with you on.

If you take your xbox fanboy microsoft-edition goggles off you could see, they look exactly the same.

edhe3999d ago

He's not controversial, just this place is fully of hyperdefensive ps3 fans.

Extremists. Terrorising this poor fansite shouting down your point of view and opinion.

Be a jihad next.

solidjun53999d ago

...since we all know you own those special edition xbox fanboy microsoft-edition goggles.

be a jihad? you are an oddball sometimes man.

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Xbots4000d ago

Hahaha blind x-fart, the ps3 version got much better color contrast & shadowing ROFL!

hippo243999d ago

you both can suck your respected companies proverbial pricks...ROFL

360 man3999d ago

wat is it with that ridiculous blur all over the ps3 version

Montreafart3999d ago

Only the PS3 with its enormous and untapped power can run something as flashy and technically complex as Killzone 2. Only the PS3 has the raw power to support the total package that is Killzone 2 from running flawlessly.

With this background, it is natural for a game like RE5 which is not complex at all, to run so smoothly on the PS3. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the "wait till E3" delay60 console, where it is pushed to the limits by RE5 (and by Gears of war 2).

The developer of RE5 has already spoken about how his team has absolutely pushed the last drops of the delay60 to its limits. Do not be surprised if a spike of overheating occurs in March, people.

Do not be surprised at all.

360 man3999d ago

ign has confirmed that 360 has a much better and consistent frame rate than the ps3

cereal_killa3999d ago

360man is this the only way you Muppet's can maintain your erections because a multi-plat game that looks the same but your secret M$ decoder goggles shows you the real game that no one else can see.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3999d ago

ign has confirmed that 360 has a much better and consistent frame rate than the ps3 "

IGN can't confirm anything, retard. They can only give their opinion unless they actually did a benchmark. Even if they did, you are still a retard.

360 MAN 23999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

ps3 version has quite alot of jaggies

i expect thier using 4xAA on the 360 version

Gun_Senshi3999d ago

IGN Video Co-Op Reviewd said that X360 version has screen tearing.

SWANN3999d ago

Jack Shyt, your still poppin your gums?

Graphics Whore3999d ago

Haha yes they did say that. These fearless Xbox fanboys just can't grasp that there console isn't the graphics king.

Both consoles are great, both have great games, but to say that PS3 doesn't have a lead on graphics is living in never land.

TreborRversed3999d ago

I honestly cannot see the difference at all, so it leads me to believe in motion it really won't matter to me if I do indeed buy this game.

theKiller3998d ago

if u look at the first picture and the second u will see that the second have very white/yellow color of the left side of the man face where u wont see that in the ps3 picture!!

ps3 wins this game!! but by a little so nothing to get worked out for!! both versions r great!!


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The Judderman4000d ago

The 360 always wins i don't know why they bother comparing them anymore. Its just becoming embarrasing.

360 MAN 23999d ago

the 360 version has already been confirmed by ign as the version to get