PS3 "cluster" to Replicate Super Computer

The Sony Playstation 3 (PS3), Xbox and Nintendo Wii have captivated a generation of computer gamers with bold graphics and rapid-fire animation. But these high-tech toys can do a lot more than just play games. At North Carolina State University, Dr. Frank Mueller imagined using the power of the new PS3 to create a high-powered computing environment for a fraction of the cost of the supercomputers on the market.

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BIadestarX4635d ago (Edited 4635d ago )

So these are the people buying the PS3?
"it costs less than some desktop computers" I wonder if paused and asked what "desktop" means. having 8 PS3 sucking on those power outlets and heating the room will guarantee you a nice set of balls with testicular cancer.

bigj4635d ago (Edited 4635d ago )

I thought Sony said that the PS3 was already a super computer.LOL So it takes 8 to make a SMALL super computer. That shows how the CELL is not as powerful as everyone thinks(including sony). The PS3 is a joke. You can look at their awful games and thats enough proof.

SimmoUK4633d ago

LOL do you see them using xbox360's for there super computer?NO

Do you think Sony and IBM spent over a Billion Dollars on the CELL for nothing... CELL is a monster your just beginning to see the start of that all it is time for developers to program for it...

Once LAIR and Heavenly Sword are out you'll be the joke...

power0919994633d ago

It helps to know what your talking about before you go making an assumption of anything. You just made yourself out to be a fool, with your statements.

I am not saying the PS3 is the end all be all but.....

The calculations that a single Cell can run compaired to an everyday CPU is like night and day.

When run in parrellel as displayed in this article think of it this way.

For a educational institute that is constantly setback by budgets, and cutbacks. You can easily run heavy duty calculations, including large formula's for pennys on the dollar. An actual IBM server with 8 or so Cell CPU's, would cost in the Millions.

You do the math.

I am not saying it's 100% possible but what they are doing could do the world a lot of good someday.

I remember hearing a while ago they were going to attempt to write [email protected] to run on the PS3. Imagine the good that could come of that.

Silver3604633d ago

if you read the article you see that they are constrained by the memory of the PS3. If they could get a computer from IBM with eight cells in it would be faster. Not hating but the ps3 is a gaming/entertainment machine not a supercomputer. It will play beautiful games and beautiful blu ray movies it will not solve the worlds problems.

0LDSCH00L4633d ago

Has anybody bothered to explain to this moron that these console CPU's are stripped down and are nowhere as powerful or efficient as the real thing?

power0919994633d ago

You mean explain to the moron: North Carolina State University, Dr. Frank Mueller?

No I am sure nobody has told the Dr. that he is a moron yet. You are the first.

Marty83704633d ago

The only difference between PS3 Cell & Cell used by IBM in there Cell Blades are that the PS3 uses 1 Cell Chip that has 1PPE & 7 SPE's and IBM use 2 Cell chips and each Cell chip has 1PPE & 8 SPE's.

no_more_heroes4633d ago

that article from way back when which talked about the ps3 and 360 processors being in-order processors instead of out-of-order processors which makes their 3.2GHz clock speed more like 2.4 (or some computer bull$#!+ like that)? Or are you just being a prick?

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