Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

German developer Ascaron recently announced that it is following up its 2004 action-RPG Sacred with a sequel that'll simultaneously appear on PC and Xbox 360. Though it's still about a year away, Ascaron gave TeamXbox a brief peek at Sacred 2: Fallen Angel at this week's Game Developers Conference.

"It's clear from first glance that Sacred 2 is going to be heavy on eye candy. Heiko tom Felde, Ascaron's director of publishing, told TeamXbox that the title will use a lot of graphic effects, and that the Xbox 360 version will have even more than the PC version. He zoomed in on an onscreen character, then clicked through changes to the character's armor to show how elaborate the look can be.

Much like other RPGs, you start with a basic armor set, but in time you gather a lot of loot, which gives you more powerful and beneficial items that you can don-there are up to 20 pieces you can layer into a full armor set. And the visual look of some items is stunning, with brightly colored particle flourishes and pulsing translucent enhancements. "

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

Please publish this game!

grifter0244638d ago

This looks like a game worthy to play.. Hopefully it comes out soon or maybe a release date along the lines...20 layers!!! thats a lot of armor....

eques judicii4638d ago

i played the first game, it was a lot of fun as a hack and slasher and was very very long. I hope they make some of the spells better but the 3d graphics are a major upgrade from the sprite based game that it was... basically this game is a open world diablo