Gamertell Review Kumatanchi for DS (Japanese import)

From the review, "The fact that she demands so much attention made it easy for me to want to pick on her. So, when Kumatan began hating me, this is where my real fun began. A clear sign of her irritation begins when she starts pouting around the room with crossed arms and steam toots from her ears. There's no consoling her at this point.

She'll still attend her practices and show performances but there's a good chance that she will neglect to properly perform or even break her tools or toys. For example, it may be time for Kumatan to practice with nunchakus but, when she picks them up, she'll just rip them apart and leave. At this point, you can flick her with your stylus to make her even madder or even bring her to tears.

If you're really annoyed with her, you can also ruffle her feathers by interrupting her bathroom breaks and she'll come out to scold you..."

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