Important Importables: Densetsu no Starfy review

From the review, "I often wonder if, back when TOSE and Nintendo were creating Starfy, they had any idea that the charming star would become a beloved icon. Practically any GBA or DS gamer who imports regularly knows, and may even be a fan, of the game.

The original Densetsu no Starfy may seem cute and simple. It's your average platformer, similar to the Kirby or early Mario games. And yet, there's something special that makes it memorable.

Technically, the whole thing's Starfy's fault. He's careless and a bit of a klutz. He's cute though, so we'll forgive him.

See, technically he's a star. A prince who lives in Tenkai Castle. He was moving some things around, tidying up and was carrying a bit too much. Not a good idea - especially since one of the things was a magic jar with the villain Ogura sealed inside. It dropped. Into the ocean down below. Whoops..."

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