The sky is wide open - HAWX at 5,040 x 1,050

High up in the sky the panoramic view is just fantastic - especially when it's displayed at 5,040 x 1,050 pixels. Paddy the Wak from the Widescreen Gaming Forum took a closer look at the demo version of Tom Clancy's HAWX and ran the game with a TripleHead2Go setup. The resulting screenshots are quite impressive since here just the sky is the limit.

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wibble4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

A textured terrain with some textured boxes on it.

It's amazing!

solidt124011d ago

Impressive! i wish I could play this game at that resolution.

Blademask4011d ago

Figured they could do some level of detail city as yo uget closer but nope. Google Earth & boxes with building textures. 2009.. *sigh*.

I just didn't like the game because it wasn't simish at all.. just mind bleedingly simple.

Ghoul4011d ago

come one dont be that unfair.
hawx might not be the best graphics wise, but its definatly impressive, and the satelite scanned terain is damn impressive.

y0haN4011d ago

That looks awful, show us Crysis at that resolution, not HAWX lol.

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Stubacca4011d ago

Love Warhawk! One of my favourite online games -I'm still playing it.

PtRoLLFacE4011d ago

what's the point of high resolution if i has really bad textures lol

Mindboggle4011d ago

And the building models are crap

machpants4011d ago

yeah the graphics aren't great but I can play Crysis/FarCry 2/Fallout 3/CoD4&5/GTA4 etc at 5040x1050 and that is AWESOME! ;-)

Check out for some great 'surround gaming' images.

ZombieButcher4011d ago

Pic makes a killer Background for your desktop