10 Must-Have Games for the Sega Dreamcast

Kube00 Says: Is your Dreamcast still sitting in your closet? Well, get it out, dust it off, and fire up your VMUs! Sega's last console was an innovative piece of hardware that muscled in near the end of the PSX/N64 era and into the beginning of the Playstation 2 era. Although it only lasted 3 years, 1998-2001, the DC left its mark on the world as being the console that could save Sega; alas, it was the last console Sega manufactured. I could go on and on about the features and why it succeeded and failed but that's another piece waiting to happen. Instead, I give you my top 10 must-have games for the Dreamcast.

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killyourfm4007d ago

My dreamcast is sitting proudly on my desk - with no way to hook it up to my LCD monitor. Suggestions?

By the way, this freaking list is drool-worthy.

Shenmue and Jet Set Radio should be on this list...

CrAppleton4007d ago

What about RUSH 2049?? that still is one of the greatest racing games EVER!

Ryo-Hazuki4007d ago

This list isn't valid without SHENMUE

CrAppleton4007d ago

I love my dreamcast.. still got it

JimmyJames704007d ago

Never had one. All of those systems passed me right by.

Cajun Chicken4007d ago

I've had two Dreamcasts (one the closing mechanism failed) just for Powerstone 2. Capcom really need to do something with that franchise.

Death4007d ago

I don't understand why SEGA isn't using their library to make new games for the current gen systems. It seems like such a no-brainer to me. Great list anyway, I have most of the games in the top 10.


Cajun Chicken4007d ago

Yeah, I've got that. Freaking brilliant, one of my personal fav anthologies on the PSP apart from Metal Slug Collection. I'm still waiting for more Dreamcast ports on the PSP. It handles them pretty damn well, I've got Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars too.

Jet Set/Grind Radio PSP would go down a storm as would 18 Wheeler.
I mean the controller layout, number of buttons, D-Pad, two shoulder buttons and one anologue, the PSP is pretty much a handheld Dreamcast and I think that is a pretty nice compliment and should be taken advantage of more often.
Awww...imagine a PSP Silent Scope.

Death4006d ago

Would you recommend Crazy Taxi and Powerstone for the PSP? I've always struggled to find games that fit the PSP well. Any other recommendations for the PSP would be great.


darthv724007d ago

propeller arena and half life are great titles. Shame they were 99% complete and then yanked before retail hands could touch them. now it is all about iso's.

I wanted the game geist force and planet harriers to be released but oh well....

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The story is too old to be commented.