Capcom: Stay tuned on Resi 5 PC

Capcom has told PC gamers to "stay tuned" on the possibility of a PC version of Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil 5 has so far only been announced for the Xbox 360 and PS3, leaving PC gamers out in the cold.

When asked about the possibility of a PC version of Resident Evil 5, Svensson told "That's a fantastic question. Unfortunately it's one that I can't give you an answer to today. But stay tuned."

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GiantEnemyFlop4006d ago

may be with the pc version the aim can be faster and better with the mouse, then i will consider buying it

Charmers4006d ago

I doubt it capcom have a history of making the mouse and keyboard practically useless in their games. I imagine they will do the same with Resi5

Marcello4006d ago

Your forgetting that CapCom used to outsource their PC ports until Devil May Cry 4 which they did themselves which was a pretty good port so i am expecting the same with RE5.

We will just have to wait and see.

DeadlyFire4006d ago

RE 4 PC was just X360 version slapped on PC with only X360 controller support or something like that. I hope that is not the case this time around.

evrfighter4006d ago

I wish it was just a port. Just yesterday actually a friend sent me screenshots of the pc vs console port of RE4 and holy crap was it embarrassing. I would never play RE4 on the pc.

hay4006d ago

Add to it dumbed down textures and you'll have RE4 PC.

M337ING4006d ago

Re4 never came out on 360...

TheIneffableBob4006d ago

Resident Evil 4 PC was developed by Ubisoft. It had no mouse support and used PS2 assets instead of the better quality Gamecube assets.

Capcom learned from their mistake with that port and are now are doing ports exclusively in-house. Their Devil May Cry 4 port was VERY good. The SLI-scaling is almost linear, which is quite amazing.

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evrfighter4006d ago

Would be pretty funny if they didn't port it to pc considering they started bragging about being the first japanese developer to join steam. Not to mention they are a member of the PC Gaming Alliance...

Wonder how this will play out.