The9 Allegedly In Warhammer Licence Negotiations

The company that has the World of Warcraft licence in China, The9, is rumoured to be in talks with EA to license Warhammer Online, one of WoW's closest MMO rivals.

This comes after recent rumours of a rift between Blizzard and The9. Wrath of the Lich King, WoW's second expansion that went live in November in Europe and the US, is yet to be released in China.

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Maticus4004d ago

So is The9 dumping WoW for Warhammer?

Dorjan4004d ago

How odd. How did they "fall out" I wonder?

AndyA4004d ago

Money, I suspect. Blizzard is going to want to squeeze every last penny out of its cash cow.

Maticus4004d ago

Are they really in a position to now though? WoW is 4 years old.

Dorjan4004d ago

That's not really that old really and the fact that there must be a big player base in China, I can see why they would ask for more money to host WoW.

Blizzard probably said no and that's why...

Maticus4004d ago

The9 can hold Blizzard to ransom over WotLK though.

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miamikid4004d ago

Both WOTLK and WAR are boring now to much alike and they lose there charm after awhile (Played WoW for 4 years) anyone know any other good MMOs?

syrinx4004d ago

I would try Lotro I really like that