PlayStation LifeStyle 'PSN Package' Giveaway

PSN Package includes:

* $20 PSN card
* Cuboid voucher
* Magic Ball voucher
* Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom voucher
* Crash Commando voucher
* Novastrike voucher
* Everyday Shooter (PSP) voucher

All vouchers are for the US PS Store only. You must have a valid US PSN account for the codes to work. Card/voucher codes will be delivered via email.

We didn't forget about our friends across the pond either, as we have 6 Novastrike vouchers to give away to our EU users!

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BigPete79784005d ago

That's a hell of a giveaway IMO. :)

Sev4005d ago

Thanks! I wanted to make a big splash with the new site.

Panipal20054005d ago

Guess what Siligon1512 will do if someone emails him saying their vouchers don't work? IP ban them. Delete comments so no-one knows he's running a con. Which IS the sort of thing he enjoys doing, don't forget.

Only people completely unaware of his bad reputation are going to make the mistake of thinking that this is a genuine offer. BE WARNED. IT ISN'T.

Sev4005d ago

Panipal, dude seriously don't you have anything better to do than harass me?

You have got to be the most pathetic life form on the planet. Seriously, grow up.

I IP banned YOU, no one else, I banned you. As anyone can plainly you deserved to be banned.

The gaming GOD4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Sev1512 has been cool and been doing stuff like this for a long time now.

Seriously, who should we believe? Someone who is already PROVEN? Or, Someone that had his IP banned from said website and is now crying foul.

Sorry man, but I'd believe Sev1512 over you.

Sev4004d ago

@ The gaming GOD,

Thanks man, I appreciate it. I really feel terrible, that people always have to come to my defense because of this Panipal guy.

He follows me around N4G, posting in just about every submission or comment I make.

It's really ridiculous, and pathetic. He is basically keyboard stalking me.

I mean, I banned him, so I deserve to be harassed for the rest of my life? I banned him 8 months ago, and he has been doing this ever since.

The gaming GOD4004d ago

Well Sev, unfortunately you get all types of idiots here. And yeah, that includes internet stalkers. But to carry a grudge THIS long? I hope the dude is atleast under 18. Because that would be TRULY pathetic if this is a grown man doing this nonsense

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Rianor4005d ago

I agree Pete, this is an amazing giveaway, one to not miss that's for sure!

Sev4004d ago

Well, this hasn't hit the front page yet. I really wanted to give back to the N4G community by letting them in on this giveaway, but it seems that it won't get much attention here.

Who knows, it's at 40 degrees now, maybe it will reach the front page eventually.