Achievements: Prince of Persia (DLC)

Console Monster writes: "We have just added the new Achievements for Prince of Persia on the Xbox 360. The achievements coincide with the release of the Epilogue yesterday (don't worry; you're not the only person who forgot). The ten new achievements add 250 GamerScore onto the game which Lauren gave 75% earlier this year. This won't be any easy 250 with achievements such as: "Kill all the soldiers of the Epilogue before they spawn" but if you feel up to the challenge, you can download the content from here, priced at 800 Microsoft Points.

The list now contains 60 achievements worth 1250 GamerScore:

All the Frescos - 20 GamerScore
Reach all Ormazd's Frescos in the Epilogue.

A Fresco of Light - 10 GamerScore
Reach one Ormazd's fresco in the Epilogue.

Born Dead - 40 GamerScore
Kill all the soldiers of the Epilogue before they spawn...."

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