CONFIRMED: Team ICO at E3 2009

It's no secret that ICO and Shadow of the Colossus creator Fumito Ueda will be speaking at GDC this month, but now CGReviews has good news about Team ICO's next project. Not only will it be revealed at GDC (if everything goes according to plan), but they'll also reveal a trailer and gameplay at E3 2009.

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Zeus Lee4011d ago

Hopefully the game will be graphically impressive,aside from Polyphony and Capcom,Japanese developers have been slacking in this department.

bigjclassic4011d ago

Soul Calibur and VF5 says hello....

marinelife94011d ago

And the hits keep coming.

el_bandito4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

How about Kojima Productions? (Correct me on this if I'm wrong)
Thing is,I have yet to see Team Ico do a massive blunder in the artistic design/innovation department. They have the benefit of the doubt, if I may say.

ThanatosDMC4011d ago

I wonder if M$ approached Team ICO with a big sack of money yet...

Gorgon4011d ago

"I wonder if M$ approached Team ICO with a big sack of money yet"

Team Ico is a first party Sony studios team. They're not for "sale".

MasFlowKiller4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Not Going to happen

Team Ico is own by sony,

actually its was created by Sony to expand its portfolio so its not even a studio that can leave sony becuase it is sony

kevnb4011d ago

that sorta thinking needs to stop. Third parties are just as likely to support xbox 360 as ps3 at this time (and for obvious reasons), lucky for you team ico is first party.

eagle214011d ago

*someone threw water on me*

I'm ok now, Team ICO FTW!!!! :)

ThanatosDMC4011d ago

Aw, those that knew pointed out the most obvious flaw to what i wrote... I was hoping someone would say "I hope so..." so we could make fun of them. My fun's over.

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ape0074011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )


ps3 will shattere standars with its amazing AAA games

quality and quantity

ps3 ftw

and one game that looks MINDBLOWING............INFAMOU S

it looks amazing and innovative at the same time

Blademask4011d ago

(middle fingers)
(head swaying)
(middle fingers)

Itachi4011d ago

and thats the bottom line

The Peoples ARMPIT4011d ago

OMG OMG OMG this e3 will be destroyed by Sony lol. No matter what M$ comes out with, Sony will have 3 more to counter it LMFAO.

Now have a whiff of me.

Darkiewonder4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Good to know. Hope it happens.

spunnups4011d ago

If this is Shadow of the Colossus 2.......i won't know what to do with myself

pwnsause4011d ago

go streaking to a soccer game.

St04011d ago

I still need to pick up Shadow of the Colossus :O

FarEastOrient4011d ago

When you get Shadow of Colossus check out the bridge to Ico's castle and the huge modernized dam made of stone! You'll have to fly there to see it.

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Bigbangbing4011d ago


from 2007 .. the same thing over and over .. just waiting and waiting -__-