Bokujou Monogatari: Kimi to Sodatsu Shima Review

The Harvest Moon series attracts many players with its cute graphics, easy gameplay and peaceful farm sim. Labelled with the 10th anniversary logo just like Rune Factory, "Harvest Moon: The Island Grows with You" begins with you and a group of other people migrating to a new land by ship. Seeing how beautiful the weather is out at sea you decide to go take a nap but, waking up the next moment you find the ship caught up in a great storm. With a flash of lightning, you pass out and find yourself washed up on an island together with an old man "Tarou" and his family. It seems there are no other survivors. Now it's up to you to work on the farm, export goods and help develop the island so that more people is attracted to your new home. Sounding good so far? Read on.

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