GTA IV DLC to Sell 2m by Year End

Rockstar's exclusive GTA IV content for Xbox 360 – The Lost and the Damned – has sold one million so far, and is likely to reach two million downloads by the end of the year.

That's according to analyst Michael Pachter, who said the second GTA IV episode for Xbox 360 is likely to arrive by November following the close of the company's October 31 fiscal year.

Pachter also believes that the next console instalment of the series will be released by the end of 2010 – and generate profits of over 50 per cent more than last year's GTA IV.

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creeping judas4001d ago

But I was told here at N4G that DLC won't sell? What happened?

PirateThom4001d ago

"That's according to analyst Michael Pachter"

evrfighter4001d ago

In other words Thom's saying professional analysts are wrong and n4g analysts are right...


mint royale4001d ago

how these analysists can have the word 'proffessional' before them god only knows..

Montrealien4001d ago

but it has sold a million, still impressive. Whatever Mr Pachter predicts after is useless imho.

Bottom line, it is selling well. And it`s proving that DLC can sell well and we should see more across all platforms, which is good for all gamers.

ThanatosDMC4001d ago

I seriously want to know how much that guy makes and what he actually does in his job besides twiddle his fingers. I want his job...

MicroSony4Life4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

found an easter egg and I think you guys should check it out.

When you are in the lost and dammed club house look on the walls for a blue poster that says Three rock powerhouses one night only CANKLE NORK, Bleeding spirt, if you read below all that you will see a fine print saying Saturday July 9 E3, I cant read the rest, think i need a bigger TV.

I know E3 is on Jul 15-17, so I think Rock Star is planning something big for Microsoft.

I also googled Nork and this is what I came up with, Nork is a residential area of the borough of Reigate and Banstead in Surrey, England.

rhood0224001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Except that R* hasn't released any figures of HOW much it's sold. Neither has MS.

All we have is articles saying that it "broke previous DLC records" in terms of REVENUE, not units sold.

That could have been 1 million, or it could have been less. We don't know for sure.


Nexy4001d ago

That's a mystery for me too. N4G 15-year-old analysts have aleady announced nobody would buy DLC for GTA4.

What happened?

JOEdANGEL4001d ago

When we get dlc this awesome how can it not sell? People who hated GTAIV need not apply.

JokesOnYou4001d ago

Pachter's predictions are as reliable as the Octomom using birth control.


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Omega44001d ago

Seems like MS got their money's worth, wouldnt surprise me if they paid more devs for similar DLC which is the equivalent of an exclusive expansion pack

Since sales data for this is out what about K2, i would like to know wether its past 1ml yet since this delay in sales results kinda gives the impression that it hasnt

table4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

what are you talking about? what delay in sales results... they are not gonna make up numbers like in this article.

cryymoar4001d ago

Microsoft spent $50 Million on the exclusive DLC.

$20 (cost of the game) x 2 million = $40 Million.

Still have another 50,000 copies to go after the 2 million mark to break even.

Montrealien4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

1050000 to go and they payed for 2 episodes. I would think it`s a decent investement, as long as the second episode is as well done.

I really hope Rockstar is cooking something up for the PS3 as well, Rockstar seems to have figuered out a good way to show a story from different perspectives and more people should be able to experience this.

btw, why would anyone care is they break even or not, as long as we get good extra content, which is what we are getting.

fan_of_gaming4001d ago

the thing is though does Microsoft get all of the revenue from each one sold or does Rockstar/Take-Two get a portion as well, cause if they do then Microsoft would need more than just 50,000 to go to break even

II Necroplasm II4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

They paid $50 million on 2 episodes. The Lost and damned is the first ep. So if they was to hit say 2 million on both parts of the DLC that would be 30 million made on the deal but not only that also more people buying the 360 version to play the DLC. Pretty damn smart on M$ but it was a risk if it was going to sell good or not.

Microsoft gets all of the revenue that's why they paid them $50 million

t-dizzle4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Microsoft has a much larger agenda here, and that is pushing the fact that downloadable games sell. In their pursuit to remove physical media from gaming, they need these kinds of numbers...

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PenisaurisDix4001d ago

2 million X 19.99 = 400 Million bucks !

That is 8 times what M$ ballyhooed payment to Rockstar for exclusive DLC. Plus the second bomb is going to drop in November with the 2nd DLC.

I only wish Rockstar would announce some DLC for PS3 and well, since I was hearing from the Hip Hop Gamer that 4 chapters of DLC were being developed.

JustinSaneV24001d ago

Well your first problem is that you listen to HHG.

Columbo4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

His second problem is that he can't do math. :-P

2 million x $20 = $40 Million

Not $400 million, lol.

evrfighter4001d ago

I lol'd...

but 40 million is nothing to sneeze at. BTW how much did M$ pay rockstar for the DLC?

mint royale4001d ago

so almost a nice return of the investment as Nancy Reagan would appear to say...

4001d ago
mint royale4001d ago

forgot about the second episode.


ASSASSYN 36o4001d ago

Stating anything said by HHG makes you look real lame and both of you failed at math.

Godmars2904001d ago

Its nice if both sell 2 million.

And less anyone forget, we're not actually talking about the 1st episode hitting 2 million. It just reached one.

And is anyone keeping track of of how on the mark Pachter has been in the past?

slak4001d ago

Thats one of your problem you listen to HHGS that show is !crap!

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TheMART4001d ago

Wow. Just wow.

2 mln. sales for DLC the Sony fantards said wouldn't matter. I guess the hardcore GTA fans have moved to the 360 to get the most complete version of the game.

2 mln. sales. Thats more then most PS3 AAA games sell. Insane

panasonic234001d ago

look they speechless sonysh!t turds can't even comment on this ahahahahha

KionicWarlord2224001d ago

agreed . microsoft made money back real fast. next dlc be big aswell

UnwanteDreamz4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

They haven't even broke even yet. Still impressive wont argue with that.

xBot Lemmings4001d ago

Over 7 millions gta iv owners on the 360 & only one million bought the dlc HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA

cereal_killa4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Mart Learn to read....

GTA IV DLC "to" Sell 2m by Year End.

Which means it hasn't reached 2mil it says it should reach 2mil by year end.

"Rockstar's exclusive GTA IV content for Xbox 360 – The Lost and the Damned – has sold one million so far, and is likely to reach two million downloads by the end of the year."

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