Buyer Beware: Geek Squad's Half-Baked HDTV & Home Theater Hook-Up

Bigpicturebigsound: As the editor of a home theater publication, I'm often asked for advice from my friends, not only on what HDTV, Blu-ray player and speakers to buy, but also how to connect it all together for the best picture and sound. A couple of years ago, this prompted me to write a three part article on "how to hook up that fancy new HDTV." To this day, these articles remain some of the most popular pages on the site.

But many people don't want to become educated on the finer points of HDTV resolutions, aspect ratios and surround sound technology just to hook up a few wires. Instead, they will call in an expert to set everything up for them. And that's just what my friend Diane thought she was doing by calling in the Geek Squad, the installation and services arm of Best Buy. I asked her how she was enjoying her newly installed HDTV and HD cable set-top box and what I heard (and later verified first-hand via a social visit) was a tale of woe that could only be described as incompetence at its finest.

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PirateThom4009d ago

While I understand audio/visual set ups aren't for everyone, I've done this kind of thing (for free) for a few people. I dunno, I love adjusting picture and audio settings to get perfect image and sound.

At my grandad's last week, I spent over an hour playing with his TV (even after 10 minutes he thought the picture was "fine"), because I thought the colour and contrast was still off.

What can I say? I have a fetish.