Sony is Confident, Not Arrogant sat down with Sony Representatives with other websites to discuss the Playstation 3 and Sony's new offerings, such as HOME.

"The element that I want to convey, which I took away from the discussion of Sony's arrogance, was that arrogance is not the feeling I get from them in person. These people are, instead, supremely confident in their products and services. Thanks to the impersonal nature of quotes and the numerous (rightly decried) public relations gaffes they've suffered, their confidence can easily be seen as arrogance by third party information consumers."

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InMyOpinion4635d ago

I'd say they can be both.

Boink4635d ago

I'd say the success of the ps2 made them arrogant, they are now starting to wake up to reality and realizing they are going to have to do a LOT better to keep top spot. it isn't just going to fall in their lap.

which is great news for their fans, and good news for gaming in general since competition benefits us all.

techie4635d ago

If you read the article you will see what was intended. Also you think they've only just realised they need to give more? They've been developing Home for 2 and half years. They've had games in production for near on 3years for wah?

Boink4634d ago

however all the things Sony have said and done up to this point still show a great amount of arrogance. they have been humbled by the take off of the wii, and the success of the 360, now they will have to fight for top spot which is great:)

techie4634d ago

You're absolutely right Boink.

OldSchoolGamer4635d ago

As for Blu-ray not having been hacked, and no evidence of it, he must have his head buried deep in the sand.

Good article, not sure if arrogance isn't part of the equation. Alot of the strategy has been built around simply having the Sony name attached, because people will buy it because of a name. The proof in this is the games will be coming eventually, and "you will work longer hours to buy one." This is a combination of arrogance and name brand recognition. I think humility and the need for it is slowly sinking in as the most rabid fans have bought the hype and the rest of us want games. I'm sure those games will be coming but as of now its a bleak gaming landscape at Sony, with VF5, Resistance, and Motorstorm being the only games for the system worth anything at all.

Four of over 100 articles about blu-ray hacked already including an interview with the main hacker responsible lol:

zonetrooper54635d ago

Well if they want to earn the top spot in the console war than they gotta make their online excellent, even better than Xbox Live, they gotta bring out more AAA titles which make the average person sit up and think, maybe i will buy that console with that game. At this moment, Sony need to wake up and see that the £425 console is nothing but a paperweight, with like 1-2 good games. Please don't mention Home, its just a sims MMO rip off.

I would rather them concentrate on games like Killzone 2, Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear Solid 4, Motorstorm 2 and Resistance 2 etc etc. Games and a great online service win the console war, this industry is very different compared to the PS2 era.

techie4635d ago

I find it amusing that after the Game Developers conference they are not concentrating on games. One of their major criticisms was their online experiience which they have now addressed. Just because one of them made an hour keynote, does this mean the developers are not making games? Get real. They've always known games sell consoles...but also you cant just look at exclusive games...there are other good games, and when a consumer looks at the consoles it depends on which they view to be better and which they view to have the better opportunities and not just exclusive games. Although that is very important to the informed gamer.

GrooveChampion4635d ago

It's not about having just exclusives or just third party support or just online gaming. It's not about any one facet of the industry, it's about balance.

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The story is too old to be commented.