Could sales of the Xbox Elite be ending?

Fudzilla: We have been following a rumor that we have been hearing from a couple of our sources that suggests Microsoft may be ending the sale of the Xbox 360 Elite in many parts of the world, with the Elite moving into a more limited edition role in the Xbox 360 console line up.

The story that we are hearing goes something like this… Microsoft will stop taking orders for the Xbox 360 Elite at some point during the second quarter and allow inventory of the Elite consoles to start to run down. The majority of retailers would prefer just a low-end and a high-end console, so this change will be made during the second quarter, which is the fourth fiscal quarter for Microsoft.

Once inventory is depleted, the Elite system will move to more of a limited edition role that will be available only at select retailers, and likely only in North America and Europe. The Elite consoles that will be available in these areas sbould be more like the recent Resident Evil 5 Red Elite Limited Edition console, rather than the standard Elite package that Microsoft has offered in the past.

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Cherchez La Ghost4005d ago

I don't get it. If they're phasing out the Elite, they must be planning for something else to take the Elite's place. I'm not big on rumors. I'll take this story as a grain of salt.

Handsome_Devil4005d ago

at least wait s month, I'm planning to get an Elite, just that I'm moving to another country for school, I've decided to wait until i finish my move and get it.

Elven64005d ago

Two theories,

1. They are doing this to replace old units with Jaspers

2. The Elite will be phased out and the Premium will get a 120GB upgrade to take its place. The only thing you will lose is color variation.

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GiantEnemyCrab4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Montreafart you are being ridiculous man... Please go bless the Open Zone with your nonsense and leave rational game discussion to the Gamer Zone. MS getting out of the console biz?? You actually believe that?? 360 not an HD console??

These comments are so asinine I shouldn't even have to explain why.

You keep on representing the PS3!!

OnTopic: This is nothing but a rumor with no source to back it up. Either way, it certainly doesn't mean the end of the 360. Maybe even an introduction of a 360 slim version.

y0haN4004d ago

The Elite is a moot piece of hardware now. The 60GB hard disk is more than enough space for anyone out there and anyone willing to spend £80 more for a 60GB HDD increase and a black finish might as well buy a PS3.

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MrWonderful4005d ago

i hope not either. my last one broke and i sold it on ebay. im planning on getting another one but i dont want that ugly ass red one that coming out

Darkseider4005d ago

See I said >>IF<< In any case if true it proves one thing and that is the XBox 360 although selling well due to its' $199 price is a dying console. The PS3 at $400 continues to put up comparable weekly numbers and even outsold the XBox 360 worldwide this past week even if only by a small margin. Seeing this when the PS3 gets its' price cut all bets are off as to how the rest of the year will play out OR for that matter if Microsoft will respond with yet another price cut of its' own.

king dong4005d ago

a few contradictions there. but i suppose you should be excused seeing as your one of the worst sony fanboys on here.

it's selling well but is dying?? they're making a profit off of every console sold unlike sony, but it's dying? it's already surpassed the first one yet is dying? has loads of games, and nearly 10mil paying live subscribers yet is dying?

sonys comparable weekly numbers come because of the playstation name, and a few other things...but mostly the name. no other platform holder could sell consoles at the price.

it's more likely that the premium destroys the elites sales, and it's easier to have a two sku strategy. you sony fanboys just spout the most

Kushan4005d ago

Darkseider, if there's one thing Microsoft is VERY good at, it's making money. Right now, the economy is in a bit of a mess and although I'd take this article with more than a pinch of salt (The site is a relative to the Inquirer - a site notorious for blatantly making stuff up), it does actually make a lot of sense to do a move like this and doesn't indicate a "dying" console, it just indicates that right now, there's no need to have 3 different versions of it.

Hiruma Youchi4005d ago

SLim X360 on its way? E3 09?

joydestroy4005d ago

that's what i'm hoping for. a slimmed version with the power source inside. the power source inside will prob never happen though.

cryymoar4005d ago

how can they slim the xb360 more if the PSU is on the outside?
That's one of the big reasons why the PS2 went from large to slim, because the PSU went from inside to out. This method falsely makes the system look smaller, simply by relocating the power unit.

Nexy4004d ago

Well, that'd be nice. Personally I really dislike the current design. I find Wii and PS3's look much more appealing.

A slim black version of X360 would be really nice, indeed.

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