PS2 sees Liberty City slippage

Rockstar has revealed that Liberty City Stories for the PS2 has slipped a couple of weeks and will now be out on June 23rd in the UK. The game, a port of the PSP hit based loosely on the content of the original GTA3, will see a lower than usual price-point on the PS2, about 19.99 GBP or Euro 29.99.

Lionel Hutz6322d ago

Does anyone know if this game will be an exact port to the PS2 from the PSP or if they will change the graphics around to be better for the PS2? As a Gamespot Total Access member, I still have found nothing - Gamespot doesn't even know. Thanks!


It’s The Simpsons Hit & Run’s 20th anniversary celebration

It’s been 20 years since one of the first surprisingly good Simpsons game was released.

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Number1TailzFan7d ago

Yeah this was a good game. If I had to make any minor complaints it would be that the game could've done with more missions and the world being a bit more open, and add some more side stuff to do, other than that it was a fun game. And because of the cartoony colourful graphics it looked better than Vice City.

If there's a sequel or remake they would only need to add the things I said above along with some refinements and better graphics, the rest is pretty much fine as it is.

edureboucas6d ago

We can only dream of a sequel where that's a definite possibility, right?

chicken_in_the_corn5d ago

I'd love a sequel. They could do so much more than they could in the original.

cammers19955d ago

This is one of those games that really needs a remaster.

edureboucas5d ago

Fans did it on PC, right? It would sure benefit from having an official one!


10 Iconic Games That Still Hold Up ('90s & 00s)

These 10 games from the 90s and 00s are certainly old, but they are absolutely gold, and these are the reasons why. No matter how old these games get, they will forever be timeless and remind you why you liked them in the first place. You will probably remember the many fond memories and experiences with these games if you haven't played them in a while.

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Could Young Kratos Defeat Old Kratos?

While most critics and gamers have praised his character arc, some of us can’t help but wonder one simple thing: Could the older, wiser Kratos stand a chance against his younger, more ferocious self?

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neutralgamer199219d ago

Yes because young had one mission


Sciurus_vulgaris19d ago

Young Kratos seems more powerful than his future counterpart. Kratos mentions losing some of his previous powers from the Greek-saga in Ragnarok. However, some Santa Monica developers have stated that Old Kratos is stronger than his younger self.

Popsicle19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Absolutely, young Kratos was still capable of jumping vertically. Something old Kratos seems completely incapable of.

Fist4achin19d ago

Couldn't they just hug it out and old K could impart some wisdom and who to watch out for that will jack him up?!