Madden developers praising MLB09: The Show

It is refreshing to see developers give praises on the accomplishments of their peers. MLB09: The Show is definitely another testament to the Sony in house developers who are bringing to life some incredible exclusive content for PS3 users.

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Chris Hansen4004d ago

MLB09: The Show

Only possible on Playstation 3

kapedkrusader4004d ago

...I've seen nothing but praises for this game, and now from the Madden dev team?! Wow. Yet, Metacritic has it scored "88". It always seems to me that Metacritic doesn't filter out the bias fanboy sites that under score games for the sake of contraversy. This is clearly a triple A title in my book.

marinelife94004d ago

The game is fabulous. Between The Show and Killzone I'm losing sleep trying to play after the wife and kid go to bed.

For some reason baseball games never get very high scores.

I'm glad the Madden team is taking notes. They needed some inspiration.

Parappa The Rappa4004d ago

Theres some pervos in the Apartment next to mine. Can you please come over and do something about it?

KapedK: Its scoring an 88 b/c the reviews arent just based on how the game looks. So, while it looks great, the gameplay is crap. Its like meeting an insanely hott chick who is totally wanting to go home with you, but on the way to your place you discover she has AIDS. You still gonna do it? Take this off your AA/AAA list. Play 2k9, it rocks.

TheTwelve4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Kaped----you know how the American media is anti-Sony. At this point, the evidence is just too obvious. Just add a point to every score you see on Metacritic for a more normal view of what Sony exclusive games are like in terms of quality.

I've been playing MLB since '07 (My man David Wright on the cover). I've bought '09, haven't had the time to crack it open between Killzone and SF IV.


kapedkrusader4004d ago

...who are you kiddin', I owned MLB 08 and played the demo for 09 and the controls are great. Stop hatin'.

evrfighter4003d ago

Holy crap your post smelt horribly of crybaby doodoo. Talk about playing the victim card. It was entertaining though, don't stop posting.

and this one made me literally lol.

"...I've seen nothing but praises for this game, and now from the Madden dev team?! Wow."

We're talking about the madden team here. The same team that's used the same rehashed engine that's carries the same bugs for about 5 years running. God I hope EA loses the NFL license soon. I have high hopes for 2k Sports if they could get their hands on it.

kapedkrusader4003d ago contributed NOTHING with your post. Having another development teams opinion on a game is much more valuable to me than some dumbass fanboy's. Troll.

soxfan20054003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

MLB09 The Show will sell millions for one reason alone - Dustin Pedroia is on the cover! Guaranteed sales! I'm going to buy 2 copies, and I don't even own a PS3.

On topic - baseball games are extremely difficult to get just right - there are SO many nuances, and so much randomness, in baseball. That is why, on any given day, any team can beat any other team, and even the worst teams in the league will win 60-70 games per year. You just don't see that in other sports, especially football or soccer. I consider any review over an 8 for a baseball game to be an excellent score.

nbsmatambo4003d ago

now if they could only apply this much effort into NBA 10: The Life

Parappa The Rappa4003d ago

dont be a homo. 09 sux compared to 2k9. ive played both, you haven't, so im pretty sure i can give more valid opinion that you. :)

MNicholas4003d ago

Best looking sports title and most technically advanced as well. They were able to do it because of the superb lighting model. It appears they've really started using the Cell processor more effectively. I would not be surprised if they were using deferred rendering, especially since sports games typically don't have massive alpha blending requirements.

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Wildarmsjecht4004d ago

The game is spectacular and has consistently gotten better with every iteration. I hope that more developers take note of how EA is using this game as a guideline and a bar for them to exceed with their own title, even if it isnt a baseball game. So long as they can provide the same amount of dedication and realize that they can do great things with the platform, we'll be seeing more games that are just as good or better than the show. Kudos to Sony for the title, Kudos to EA for giving credit where its due.

MegaMohsi4004d ago

EA learns from them and implements some drastic changes to madden 10 or 11, I lost interest in the series since 05

dale14004d ago

sonys first party games seem to own all,it must be real frustrating for third party multi devs to keep looking at the quality sony keeps bringing out knowing they can,t better it.there stuck between trying to make a game equal on both 360 and ps3,this is not possible.

Oztheboss4004d ago

Swing an' a miss, xbot.

TheTwelve4004d ago

Even biased reviewers can't lie and say 2k9 is good. Sorry.


cpuchess4003d ago

I have both systems and I would never buy that 2K crap again. It's what pushed me over the edge to buy a PS3. The Show is way better.

brycespitler4003d ago

isnt that 2k9 game getting bad reviews

you and your comment fail

you need to cut your wrists ASAP

your wasting air

Parappa The Rappa4003d ago

well, theres clearly on orgy of sony fanboys somewhere, pounding each other over this game. while i wont deny you the pleasure of your euphoric feelings for 09, i will still stick to my guns and say"ive played them both, you guys prolly havent(if youve even played them at all), and 09 sux bawls."

you dont have to be a fanboy to know that.

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