Perfect World Adds More Servers

Perfect World has announced that they will be adding two new servers to their MMO to cope with player demand.

The new servers will be located on the East Coast of the US and Perfect World will be working to improve connection speed for players on the West Coast.

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Maticus4002d ago

50 Million players?! No wonder they're adding more servers!

AndyA4002d ago

I wonder how many people would play it if it used a subscription model.

evrfighter4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

My brother got hooked on that for a couple months. It looks pretty but the gameplay blows. It does offer a good pvp system so I'm guessing that's why it's popular.

Don't bother playing it if u like free mmo's I was told once u get to a certain level you need to start dropping some major dollars on it to have an edge in pvp.

syrinx4002d ago

Never even heard of it :)

Panthers4002d ago

Its boring as hell. All the first quests are kill 25 whatever.

I mean I tried it to see what MMOs are like, and if that is all then I am never touching one again.

syrinx4002d ago

Sounds like most MMOs on low level quests.