50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Review: G-Unit Tours The Middle East (TrueGameHeadz)

Dave from TGH writes:
"Here we have a game that by any shape or form sounds like it should be bad. A lot of people are expecting it to be bad based on 50's first game, "Bulletproof." But hey, for some reason that game sold millions, so, like any blockbuster, you know it would get a "sequel." After getting a chance to sit down with the man himself in our exclusive preview, and getting some hands on time with the game TrueGameHeadz came away feeling good about the project.

The full retail version does not disappoint. I must say that Swordfish Studios did their homework for "Blood on the Sand." Developers of the little known sleeper title "Cold Winter" from back in the day, they nailed the big budget "blockbuster" feel of this game. Borrowing generously from the ideals seen in last year's Sega release, "The Club," and "Gears of War," they developed a control scheme for "Get Rich" …er "Blood in the Sand" that feels polished and familiar. You will not find any problems..."

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