EVE Online: New Wormhole Info

CCP developer Abathur has given EVE players a sneak peek of the upcoming wormhole feature in the Apocrypha expansion.

In his latest blog, Abathur reveals that the destination players end up in after using a wormhole is random, although if players enter one in a low level area they will probably end up in another safe part of space.

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Dorjan3999d ago

*probably* haha, Stay away from wormholes if you want to be safe!

Maticus3999d ago

I love the fact a newbie could enter one and end up being one-shotted!

syrinx3999d ago

That looks great, CCP are really pushing the boat with EVE right now which is nice to see :)

AndyA3999d ago

I like the idea of the wormholes becoming more unstable the more they are used.