Nintendo DSi sparks parental police warning

Nintendo's new DSi is whipping up a storm of controversy, thanks to police in America who fear its combination of web browser, internet access and built-in camera could make it unsafe for children.

Sergeant Adam Holland of the Fort Smith Police Department in Arkansas says the Nintendo DSi is a pedophile's dream device. "Now not only can the children be contacted, but they can be asked to provide pictures, video," he says, pointing out that kids could use the DSi to circumvent parents' restrictions on when and how they use the web.

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Nugundam00793999d ago

The Scapegoat police-sometimes these people have nothing better to do..

SpoonyRedMage3998d ago

Wow, this a repeat of when they said pictochat is the perfect tool for paedophiles.

Do you they release nearly everyone, including kids, has access to at least one device that can take photos and web access. It's not more dangerous than a phone or a computer really.