Expert delivers verdict on Resi 5 racism row

So far the debate over Resident Evil 5's alleged racism has been woefully misinformed, with no expert opinion called upon for comment. showed the first three levels of the game to one of the UK's leading experts on racism, Glenn Bowman, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Kent, Canterbury, and asked him if he thought Resident Evil 5 was racist.

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evrfighter4008d ago

Expert on racism? did they call up Al Sharpton or something?

Heldrasil4008d ago

We DO NOT need Al Sharpton involved with RE...thats just a bad idea LOL

SkyGamer4008d ago

I whole-heartedly agree with equal opportunity but WTF! Seriously, out of ALL the races, african americans COMPLAIN the most. Believe it or not but MOST slaves were treated well. Not lap of luxury well but well. Think of it more like a modern day butler or maid.

Over 6 million Jews were brutally murdered, yet they are Germanies best customers when it comes to Mercedes and such. Take a look at the Native Americans, we bring over disease and kick them off their own land to relocate. They build casinos, (west coast) and make a bunch of money. The Asians were in US concentration camps and we don't whine. Seriously, SO many video games have white or asian violence it is not even funny. Get over yourselves and stop playing the @$#$ pity card. Really is getting old.

On another note there is a BLACK-ONLY TV station, bet. How about the naacp? Where is there a "Poor White Kid College Fund?"

BTW I am asian, just to clear some stuff up.

MorganX4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

I'm not going to comment on the ignorance of this post. I think its probably flame bait or you may really be that ignorant.

But for the record, Asians who were held in the nicest concentration camps in history here in America during WWII, did whine and complain and they have received reparations. Cold hard cash. Our tax dollars. Maybe that's why they're not crying anymore. Being Asian as you stated, you are quite conveniently unaware of this, hmmmm. Interesting.

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Mr_Bun4008d ago

I thought we were past this

lordgodalming4008d ago

We (gamers) might be past this, but plenty of people are not, and frankly I'm thrilled that this article exists. It's not just about RE5, but about contemporary racism itself. What a terrific read. I hope everyone on this site reads the article from start to finish.

Mr_Bun4008d ago

This "professional" does a decent job of putting things into perspective, and emphasizes that the game only seems racist to those looking for racism.

gamesmaster4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

exactly, he says that this knee jerk reaction to the game is simply an effect of political correctness, like somehow because of the current social climate we have this feeling that we should see it as racist. when really, its not. he also makes a good point that the depiction of western colonization is also very reverent, given past events in japans history he says its very intriguing considering the game comes from japan.

overall he says the game is not racist, but he understands this reaction people have to seeing black people as savages, but its a somewhat misinformed reaction.

i thought it was a good read, it should set people straight, but most people wont read this.

lordgodalming4006d ago

"i thought it was a good read, it should set people straight, but most people wont read this."

Well said. This forum is full of evidence that people read the title and quickly type a comment like "omg re5 is NOT teh racist! disagree!" Oh well. Looking forward to Friday the 13th, and I don't mean the crappy new movie.

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caseh4008d ago

"My sense is if you're going to set a zombie film in Africa you're going to have African zombies"

Well hurrah, someone whos actually seen the light.


maybe, just maybe there is some common sense left out there..

PenisaurisDix4008d ago

This is like a real interview with a real expert who is obviously highly educated not some crazy fanboy.

butbutbuttehcell4008d ago

I hope this game isn't racist. I just wanna shoot at black people