Interview With The HipHopGamer

Negative Gamer writes:

"The world of the gaming enthusiast press is expanding at a staggering pace. Where there were just a handful of sites and blogs three or four years ago, now there are dozens starting up every day. We have sites covering our beloved gaming from every conceivable angle. This site right here being one of them.

Another such site is, the home of Gerard Williams, aka The HipHopGamer. Blending the worlds of Hip Hop and gaming into a growing community of loyal fans, I don't think anyone could doubt the unique style of The HipHopGamer."

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ape0074010d ago

can't wait for the show sunday

peace :)

Mr PS34010d ago

Hiphops Killzone 2 impressions ?
Looking forward to it

dachiefsman4010d ago

wishing people would stop posting your articles. cause when i accidentally click on them it makes me want to drive nails into my eyes.


wardrox4010d ago

What's wrong with my (the author's) articles?