CVG: Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits First Look

Said to contain 48 "of the most famous and infamous tracks from Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock," Greatest Hits of course makes use of the bass, drums and vocals accessories from World Tour.

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miamikid4009d ago

These got old so fast but their still making money

Myst4009d ago

Why not just put them up for DLC? Are they doing something different to the tracks this time around?

DrRage774008d ago

the tracks are supposed to be the master recordings, not covers like they were for previous guitar hero games.

i agree with you that they should make this DLC....charge like $30 and be done with it....if it were ALL the songs from the previous games, then i'd be up for dropping $60 on this game to get like 150-200 more songs that support all the instruments, but only 48 songs??? why should we pay full price for less songs than the GT:WT game??? this is an expansion pack at best...kind of like the AC/DC "game"...WTF...they are really just trying to squeeze every last dollar out of the consumer...kind of shameful

Myst4008d ago

Ah, Thank you.

Well being that their master recordings it seems like they would work best as maybe 2.99 or 3.00 even DLC or something. It seems that Guitar Hero is just having a humongous snow ball effect right now, to many games and it's practically trying to hit every system to. It seems to have started when the same company who made Rock band split from Activison (At least from what I've heard). I don't know maybe they are trying to get every last dollar and cent, but it seems by doing it this way (New discs) it would costs them more to have to produce the discs and ship them out than to just put them on XBL and PSN store :/.

Though hopefully later on down the line these songs will slowly make their way into both services instead of having people pay the 60.00 for these tracks. :)