IncGamers: Empire Total War Review

IncGamers' Tim McDonald takes on Creative Assembly's long-awaited strategy sequel and immediately declares war on the French.

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Maticus4011d ago

Very impressive score! The Total War series is epic though.

Dorjan4011d ago


I need a super-computer for this one! Looking at this review though, I want it!

AndyA4011d ago

The naval battles look ridiculously detailed. You can even see the crew throwing grappling hooks and dragging two ships together.

syrinx4011d ago

Great review and I am deffo getting this today.

Swarm4011d ago

This game is PC's AAA title. Interesting that the story's for it aren't bringing in the reply's the story's for other games are.

Anyone I know who has played the full game has been really sucked in. I'll be getting my copy this weekend.