50° Thousands of illegal game copying devices seized

Dave Burns of writes "A raid at a detached house in Surrey has resulted in the largest seizure of its kind in the UK in the fight against illegal game copying devices. A web-based business was alleged to be importing and selling Nintendo DS copying devices worldwide via the internet. Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) knew something was wrong when large consignments of the illegal game copying devices started showing up at airports across the UK. These were seized and HMRC alerted IP investigators from ELSPA (the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association)."

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Kain814005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

And with the economic crisis it will only boost the Situation

acheashadow4005d ago

I completely agree with you but piracy is always going to be a part of gaming sadly. At least the recession is stopping all of the crap games getting developed!

miamikid4005d ago

I totally agree sadly i admit that i have pirated some games in the past but i always made sure that if it was good i would buy it! BIA hells highway i bought because it just had an amazing touching story. Then Crysis for 13 minutes running away from sharks and throwing barrels at asians....needless to say that one did not get my money but got the bin. But i am all agaisnt piracy

solidworm4005d ago

mates buys copied games only= no revenue for MS. They must be losing millions. Piracy is for douches, just glad no ones got the nouse to hack the ps3.