RE5 Japan's first day sales: PS3 4:1 360

Gamezine: First day sales of Resident Evil 5 are in from Japan. The game sold four times as much on the PlayStation 3.

According to Resident Evil 5 sold 278,000 on its first day in Japan.

What's more incredible is that Resident Evil 5 has beaten launch day sales of Resident Evil 4. The game sold 117,000 copies on the Gamecube in January 2005 and 145,000 copies on the PlayStation 2 in December 2005.

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die_fiend4003d ago

Makes sense. Lucky mugs, I want that game now!

Ghoul4003d ago


i love resident evil and i cant wait for part 5

solideagle14003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

PS3 is 2 million and 360 is like 700k so it was suppose to happen. now PS3 worldwide sales will boom. thanks to killzone 2 + yakuza 3 + RE5.
when is NPD releasing february numbers because i m itching to see killzone 2 numbers. i hope will not be disappointed.

Edit: thanks Aston for clearing things up bubble +. but u see how japan buys their fav games. its crazy. if they were FPS fanatics then killzone 2 would have been sold like 600k day one. :P y i m obssessed with killzone 2 numbers. lolz

Ashton4003d ago

the NPD data for KZ2 will be only for two days in US and not one month /one week sales for the game.

sunnygrg4003d ago

Whatever happened to the "360 RE5 sales on par with the PS3"?

The 360 version however outdid itself, although its not much. The bundles must have helped a lot.

jadenkorri4003d ago

you are of course refering to that latest article saying ps3 and 360 RE5 were selling neck and neck in japan, had you actually read the article, it was updated that it was only with 1 store, as other stores had sold out of RE5 for ps3 and bundles too.

4003d ago
Kushan4003d ago

Montreafart, there's 3 times as many PS3s than 360s in Japan, if a major title didn't shift more units on the PS3 as another major title shifted units on the 360, something is TERRIBLY wrong.
The 360 is selling like 10x as much in Japan as it was a couple of years ago, it's still not beating the PS3 or the Wii, but it's a hell of an improvement.

GVON4003d ago

I think anyone who thought it would be equal in japan were delusional.

I wasn't going to get this at launch,but after going on the res 5 home space it made me want to buy it :( I hope this doesn't happen with every game space in the future.

Aquanox4003d ago

It's natural, given the huge marketshare difference and the impact of the series in Japan.

What will be more interesting is the performance in Europe, where they're much closer.

In America, the Xbox 360 should take the cake. Being it a much bigger market, should save the differences in Japan and turn the balance in favor of the Xbox 360 version.

theKiller4003d ago

to get the RPG fans to the console!!!

4:1!!!!! thats not even funny any more, as far as i remember ps3 is at 3+ million and 360 close to a million!! so the market share sure it did play it role but still the attack rate was higher for the ps3 than 360!!!

if ps3 had Star Ocean: The Last Hope in japan then u would see sales their roaring!!

any way whats left is a nice price drop and ps3 will be selling like ps2 in its glory days!!

i expect something similar to FF13, 80+% of the sales will be on the ps3!!!

any way SE deserves to go bankrupt.

Blademask4002d ago

Too bad RE5 isn't the game it could have been. I dont care for it personally. The demo was terrible. I feel like people just buy things because of what the USED to stand for. There isn't any bit survival or horror in RE5, just as re4 was steering away from survival, and more shooting.

How many games can you play that are just shooting things co-op?

For anyone lokoing for some ok horror, give SIREN a shot.

4002d ago
SmokeyMcBear4002d ago

alright, stop the fanboy comments... they both did very well in the perspective of install bases.

Argento-Nox4002d ago

This was expected, albeit a ridiculous fanboy article about sales appearing equal.


If your referring to FFXIII in Japan, sales are going to be 100% PS3, seeing as it's a PS3 exclusvie there.

The Lazy One4002d ago

way to not understand what america's service market entails.

America's service market is based more on management and financial/planning services. Not on answering phone calls.

CommonSense4002d ago

Doesn't sound like Spydiggity misunderstands America's economy. it sounds like YOU misunderstand China and India's.


Usa versus asia europe australia and other important
places in between.

American territory sales cant save a console.

soxfan20054002d ago

Good thing it doesn't need saving.

The Lazy One4002d ago

America's services are mostly management and financial. Unless india and china suddenly became management capitals of the world, I have to disagree.

sonysuks4002d ago

like we did not know japan was going to smash the 360 in sales. It's japan.

shawnsl654002d ago

Last time i checked, the US owes 8.7 trillion dollars in debt.. some financial management they/we have.

The Lazy One4001d ago

There is a gross misunderstanding of the financial crisis and the global economy in this comment.

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Marcello4003d ago

Not really a surprise, Japan is mad for RE but not so for the 360.

Microsoft Xbox 3604003d ago

Didn't the 360 get a day head start too? LOL.

CrazzyMan4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

No only PS3 version sold 4 times better, but the attach rate of RE5 on PS3 os HIGHER. =)
PS3 version probably will reach 500k, while x360 will barely sell 100k, lol.

Japanese know, where the QUALITY is. :)
There is nothing can help x360 in Japan, even Star Ocean: The Last Hope FAILED.

p.s. i hope, Capcom will reconsider, and release LP2 ps3 version simultaneously with x360, IF they want another 300-400k of LP2 in Japan and expand that BRAND. =)

Montreafart4003d ago

it was make or break. And oh boy, did it broke.

Zool 084003d ago

And it was their "only hope" in Japan LOL

Danja4002d ago

and it begins ....

this is only day one...sales...can't wait for the full week sales..

10:1..sales lead

Wenis4002d ago

And in the rest of the world it will be: 360 4:1 PS3

TreborRversed4002d ago

Why O why O why

Do we really need this.......... again

Of course it will always sell better in Japan

Means nothing really does it.

And it makes us PS3 owner look like we'll take anything to bash the 360, yes we got bashed at launch, I just wish we could enjoy our games with out the need for flame wars.

There is a lot to be said for quietly going about your business and I just wish we could all do it that way.

4002d ago
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Xbots4003d ago

Guess most of the 360 owners over there bought it for a heater...

techie4003d ago

"Here's another tasty statistic. The Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil 5 outsold the Nintendo release of Resident Evil 4 (27,000) and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (53,000). Oh yes, the Xbox 360 isn't doing that bad at all in Japan."


Kain814003d ago

RE4 is not a new Game( IF you have the GameCube version it is useless to buy the Wii-version) and Umbrella Chronicles was only a shooter on rails with a sum up Story of RE ( here the same prob.)

i think if Capcom would announce a new RE exclusiv to Wii it would sell very HOT

techie4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Well they both (PS3 and Xbox 360 combined) beat the Gamecube and PS2 RE4 too!

Ghoul4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

come on

re4 on wii is a remake almost everyone allready had it.
umbrella chronicles isnt that great too and a spinoff.

seriously its a nice achievement for the 360 but please stop beauty talking everything about the 360. They are still faar away from beeing sucessfull in japan.

"Well they both beat the Gamecube and PS2 RE4 too! "

eh no ?

re5 360 according to this source sold 55k
re4 on gc was 117k
re4 on ps2 145k

techie4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Deep beauty talking the 360? Hmm...I accept your compliment.

Both as in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 combined :)

I enjoy that you call the Gamecube a Wii lol

techie4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Sly edit Ghoul, sly. :)

Edit: Alright..just makes my comment sound like I'm mad.

Ghoul4003d ago

it was a typo deep, no need to make waves about it :)

4002d ago
The Lazy One4002d ago

makes people replying to you look bad, and when u get called out on it makes you look not credible. If ur gonna edit it's good practice to say what you edited lest something happen like above.

Ghoul4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

The Lazy One

caling me not credible because of a typo ?
relax mate, i didnt change my mind or anything i changed "wii" into "gc" because it was a typo. dont act like i ninja edit

The Lazy One4002d ago

I said it makes you look not credible. And it does make you look band when you take things out of your comments without saying what you took out.

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