NextGN: Killzone 2 Review

NextGN writes: "The hype lived up to its reputation. Killzone 2 is a great game with a good story, a reasonable length, fun multiplayer, the best graphics to date for a FPS on a console and a very unique gameplay. We waited a long time for this game and I'm really glad to confirm - Killzone 2 is a solid game with cool unlockables and trophies. The multiplayer will really keep you busy."

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solideagle14007d ago

today killzone 2 got many 9.5s. good to hear now add all these numbers in metacritic and its good to go.

godmoney4007d ago

It's actually pretty good...

miamikid4007d ago

I just got my copy today and i must say it is amazing....people work as a team and as i just got my PS3 im new to the community but they are so much nicer then Xbox's. I have been a proud xbox owner for many years but the PS3 is also nice i have to hand it to them for KILLZONE2 the sniper class is really fun to play IMO and every acually works together! who would have thought that?!?! If more games come out for the PS3 that use all the cores i might become a raging FANBOY!