Microsoft: LittleBigPlanet is Very Cool

The general manager of Microsoft's Game Developer Group stated: "I think they've definitely taken some concepts that we originated like Achievements, but I think they're pushing in a different direction and we've sort of fundamentally got two different approaches going on here...

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ChefDejon4636d ago

I cant believe some one diddnt comment on this


The x box fan boys are Gob smacked haha

Ps3 are up and coming.

Go Home i will be soon

lil bush4636d ago

i cant believe the words that are coming out of there mouth, i need to check this page title again

n4g sucks4636d ago

is MicroSoft swollowing their pride??? were are all the xbow fanboy coments???? are they just acting like they never seen it??? THIS should be the story of the day

FreeMonk4636d ago

This is the good thing about Microsoft compared to Sony. The don't spit out crap from there mouths when something comes along that's better than theres, they welcome it.

Microsoft are honest, and there's no denying that Home and LittleBigPlanet looks neat, but if it was MS making Home and LBP, I'd bet Sony would coming out with loads of crap about MS and how they are better. That's the problem with Sony for me.

Armyless4636d ago

If Microsoft is taking a gracious turn towards their competitors, it'd be a first. I don't mean to hate, trust me, we all depend on their OS's. But I'd be REAL surprised if any endorsement of a competitor's product was an official stance, given the last 20 years of marketing juggernaut that muscled out countless home-brewed code.

StrboyM4636d ago

you ok man, you sound like you should go relax for a bit...and stop taking that xbox joystick everywhere with you. sheesh!

kudo to M$ for saying something else was a good idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.