Aion Poeta Zone Tour Trailer

NCSoft has released a new video showing off the Poeta zone in its highly anticipated MMO, Aion.

Poeta is a quiet peaceful island in Elysea. The residents are made up of farmers an villagers, who use wood from the nearby Daminu Forest thanks to the agreement they have with the tree-people, the Elim. But the peace is being threatened by the evil Krall and their Kobold slaves, who are tearing up the forest and churning up the earth in search of a new ore, Odium.

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Maticus4001d ago

Looks awesome, Aion is going to be very popular. More and more pretty MMOs keep coming out, watch out WoW.

AndyA4001d ago

It's certainly one of the better looking MMOs on the market. Seems from the video like there's a varied range of environments too.