Edge celebrates milestone with 200 covers

Seperate collector's covers to celebrate 200th issue of core gaming mag: The 200th edition of Edge magazine hits newsagents next week, and boasts a world first: the magazine will be issued with 200 collectors' covers.

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solideagle14004d ago

i dont know y but i hate this magazine they always downplay big exclusives especially the PlayStations. its not because of PS in general they downplay BIG games.

Eiffel4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Not everyone likes exclusives.

Hell I look forward to the Multi titles more than the exclusives.

RadientFlux4004d ago

For me big titles are what catches my interest, for example the game I was most looking forward to last year was Fallout3 which was a multi-console release.

Kill Crow4004d ago

Edge gave a sony game a low score .... seriously you lot need to grow up.

Games tm gave it the same score .... are they also part of the world wide anti sony conspiracy ???

smithdown4004d ago

I've often questioned my subscription - there's an awful lot of crapola about working in gaming, and their reviews can be 'controversial' to say the least. They are often inconsistent with their criticisms, and the writing is sometimes pretentious. But the sheer quality of the design, the fact that the writing isn't dumbed down to cater to illiterate 14 year olds, the great editorial pieces, and the fact that they are at the forefront of all the breaking news stories in gaming, means I will be staying a subscriber. This special edition cover only sweetens the deal!

Marty83704004d ago

I'm selling my collection of 'Edge mags' on ebay.

Anyone interested make me an offer.

Sitdown4004d ago

why this day in age people still purchase gaming magazines....especially when video games news is so readily available one the internet...and most of the time with scans. Well I take that back, I can see why at least one person purchases it.

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