Sony details PlayStation Network numbers in new Q & A

Last week Sony announced that, as of February 20th this year, 20 million users have signed up to the PlayStation Network (PSN).

Here is a Q and A that takes a closer look at this achievement and breaks down the numbers into different territories. Thanks to Ster Kinekor for the Q and A.

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Captain Tuttle4011d ago

"Average number of registered account per PS3 system is approx 1.88 accounts."

thor4011d ago

Yeah it's actually shocking how many people don't connect their PS3 (or 360 for that matter) up to the internet. I think it's around half don't. This is especially apparent when you look at the # of players for online games - even though the game itself sold millions, the number of players listed in the rankings is considerably less, and the number of players who've played more than just a couple of hours is even fewer still.

I think it's pretty sad that most people who own a console get it with just 1 or 2 games, play them single-player, and don't play it again. That's the truth for most console owners.

cryymoar4011d ago

some people actually share their PS3's with friends and family. Surprised?

JOEdANGEL4011d ago

Believe it or not, not everyone who owns a 360 or ps3 has a high speed internet connection.

Argento-Nox4011d ago

I don't have a internet connection for my PS3 yet, but I'll have one eventually (just moved a few months ago). You don't really need full service high speed internet, as long as it's 30kb/sec it should be sufficient, and that's usually half the cost of full high speed internet service.

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thehitman4011d ago

"Q3: The registered account number, 20 million, seems small compared to the sell-in number of 70 million units (PS3 and PSP combined)?"

You cant judge it by total units combined because a lot of people have both and personally I dont know anyone who has a psp and not a ps3 and you use the same account not 2 diff 1s.

thor4011d ago

Most PSP owners probably won't bother to connect it online either (WiFi hotspots aren't that common in some places)

princejb1344011d ago

psp just doesnt't have enough online games, they dissapointed me with not adding online for final fantasy dissidia even though it has ad-hoc party
the game is awesome, but would have been excellent with online

Karum4011d ago

It's unreasonable to expect the number of PSN accounts to be anywhere close to the combined install base of PS3 and PSP combined. A hell of a lot of people don't connect either to the internet like thor previously mentioned and a lot of people will use the same account for both devices, I know I do.

I have 2 PSN accounts, my main account (EU) and a US account for access to the US store. My PSP uses the same EU account as my PS3 and that will hold true for many users.

The Great Melon4011d ago

Shoot I think I have 6 psn accounts. One for every region that might get a demo or content first.

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Hercules4011d ago

i was looking for how many active PS3 accounts there are..if they is 21 million think its about 18 million ps3 accounts, becauase if you have a psp, im pretty sure you have a ps3, because the psn on the psp sucks..but thats just my opinion..any one have numbers for ps3?

OSIRUSSS4011d ago

The only time I connect My PSP is when I need to update. I tried to play FIFA 09 once Online but I never got past the loading screen.

40cal4011d ago

I use the same account for my PSP and PS3, but I do have an account for Asia and Europe on my PS3 as well. So put me down for 3. Even then dose it matter that I am one person with 3 accounts? I spend money with them all!

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