GAME Cut Xbox360 Elite Console Prices

Presumably in anticipation of the Resident Evil 5 Console Bundle due to arrive next Friday, GAME have reduced the price of their Xbox360 Elite Consoles by more than 13%.

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MaximusPrime4007d ago

i received two duplicated emails from GAME, promoting xbox 360 elite.

before i delete them, my thoughts on them:
- no decent games on xbox 360
- M$ greediness
- RRoD
- bulky controller

so no thanks

Montreafart4007d ago

My thoughts, before deleting the e-mail, were:

- obsolete console;
- inferior quality;
- lying PR apartment that redefines the words "promoting" and "lying"
- inferior design;
- no PS3 exclusives.

Gam714007d ago

Now now trolls.

Did you remember to clean your bridge before you left this morning.

Stubacca4006d ago

I got 2 e-mails frome GAME about it too. My own thoughts:

1. I put it in the poor-man's console category. Or the best of the poor-man's console selection.

2. Why own a 360 when you have a PS3. Fair enough if you only had a wii...

Gam714007d ago

You also receive a barcode to print off when you get your elite so you can trade your old 360 at the shop getting at best £85 store credit or £75 cash and a free migration kit.

madmike4007d ago

and i got 75 pounds for my 3 year old 20gb xbox360.its really nice and looks good in black and sits nicely by my ps3

2 cents4006d ago

you mean they give you £75 for your old working 360? If i got that rite then thats not alot. I sold my rodded 360 for £70 on ebay.

Gam714006d ago

£70 not bad.
But did you get an Elite for £115 with a game as well?

Because if you did i'm doubly impressed.

Was thinking of selling mine on ebay but the hassle of packing it up, listing posting what if they don't get it or it doesn't work.
To be honest this just makes it easier and convenient.

mint royale4006d ago

this is a tempting deal. I've always prefered the elite's colour.

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panasonic234007d ago

they mad becasuse they now this gonna increase the lead over pos3

timmyrulz4007d ago

I Got an email from Maximus prime and montreafart this morning
My thoughts before deleting them wers

Basement dwelling spotty nerds with no friends
Unopened starwars figures and toys dating back to 1978
Full size carboard cut out of Angelina Jolie from the tomb raider film
I believe x files posters on the wall

Guys, your 3 billy goats are waiting for you.

Gam714007d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if they're the same droid...