Game Store Robbery Caught On Camera

Armed robbers dressed in black stormed a north Seattle computer game store, taking cash and game consoles in a heist that was caught on surveillance camera.

One man pointed a shotgun in the face of the owner of Game Town after two men entered the store in the 9900 block of Aurora Avenue North Wednesday at about 6:30 p.m., video of the robbery showed. The surveillance video showed the man with the shotgun holding a customer in place as the other robber took cash.

That customer, Travis Tollefson, was having his Xbox fixed when the robbers entered the store.

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Reshun4004d ago

Hoping to see the latter news report regarding those scums get thrown behind bars on N4G.

cryymoar4004d ago

first I thought this was gona be about a robbery of a Gamestop and there were gona be tons of comments saying "yeah those f*ckers deserve it." In which I would have been extremely furious as I am a Gamestop employee who has been robbed at gunpoint during a closing shift.

But secondly, I just hope these [email protected] who robbed these two gentleman like the pussies that they are get arrested and thrown in prison for life. I'd like to see them rob them again using only their fists. These guys are p*ssies and don't know how to earn their own money out of hard work. They are not men and deserve to be treated like animals.


snipermk04004d ago

Lol, sadly, the robbers stole an RROD xbox. Sorry, but couldn't resist it. :P

thereapersson4004d ago

hopefully the RROD XBox burns their house down, lol...

thenickel4004d ago

Actually i hope they plug it into the wall and use the internet so they can be tracked. I cant stand people that steal from others regardless of it's a corporation or a regular person. Just 8 months ago some guys stole my car and were caught driving it and arrested. I pressed charges and all three of them got 5 good long years. The judge was furious because I have a 3 year old daughter with cancer taking kemo therapy and there taking my car messed up her entire cycle endangering her life even more. People that rob and steal only care for themselves and any time they get is always a good thing because we don't want them around with the rest of us.

ThanatosDMC4004d ago

I hate these types of people... I mean, cant they just go look for a job like normal people?

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Marceles4004d ago

"I couldn't believe it. I thought it was a joke at first. I didn't think it was real and then once I heard that gun c*ck I was like 'okay, this is really happening,” Tollefson said.

lol, the guy almost looked like he was about to laugh in the video. i dont think i would believe it myself.

KarateExplosion4004d ago

Xbox... I mean if I was robbing for money I would probably get the more expensive console or at least turn around and swipe some 60 dollar games off the shelves. These people will probably get caught based on how dumb their heist was. I also wanna know why the 2 ran out the store behind the robbers.
*like to add in glad no one was hurt*

40cal4004d ago

I had this happen to me when I was a manager for GameStop, twice. These kinds of people are straight cowards, the second time they tied myself and the two customers that where in the store up, but now the cat that stuck the pistol in my face is doing like 15 years. He was lucky that corporate has policies against employees coming to work armed, I got stupid heat.