Eurogamer: Prince of Persia: Epilogue Review

Eurogamer writes: "On the surface, this optional final chapter for Prince of Persia seems to offer most of what people expect from DLC. It extends the gameplay by a couple of hours, its price (800 MSP on Live, eight quid on PSN) fits snugly into the "Hmm, go on then" impulse purchase bracket, and it enables fans to do a little bit more of what they enjoyed. Scratch the surface, however, and you realise that, actually, Epilogue manages to miss the good points of its parent game and instead focuses to detrimental effect on the clumsier aspects of the original experience.

The story picks up immediately after the rather effective conclusion to the game, so those still wall-running their way through the Prince's adventure should probably be wary of spoilers. Gone? Good."

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Lucreto4005d ago

Another low score but I bought it and I am enjoying it.